✔️MINECRAFT: THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW! (Maybe) // Secret tips and tricks [Minecraft Bedrock]

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Minecraft things you didn’t know! In this video, I will unveil to you some (mostly) secret tips, tricks, and perhaps glitches that you perhaps didn’t know about Minecraft. These work on all versions of Bedrock Edition such as Minecraft PE and console. Hope you enjoyed!
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Lanz/Sammy VAMP says:

Look at this(1.3 Texture Pack)

Lanz/Sammy VAMP says:

Look at this(1.3 Texture Pack)

unspeakable fan says:

hey pls tell me your user name on ps4 im unspeakable fan

Hayden Chau says:

It seems like it also takes out some of the potion too

The HYPED DUDE says:

Gless vs glass

Note Block says:

6. It's a salt dude

Am I Famoose Yet? says:

You can also use /tp ~ ~-3 ~ to escape the bedrock layer without the coordinates' numbers

Lava Momo Mc says:

Hey Bro i subbed for 2 years ago you are the best

MagicBuilder798 says:

When summer r u gonna post more??

Walee Jawahir says:

7: if u go to emoji keyboard then back to normal one u ll see what ur typing

DiamondAri says:

Hai AdventureGamingHQ 🤪

Shariar Alam says:

Dankmeme YA BOI

[iX] Neth says:

Yall have anymore of them

Random person ._. says:

I knew 3/5 ;-;

ItzJustinHD says:

Not tips. Not tricks. Everything you mentioned is basic information lmao

GreenYzPlayz says:


Diamond PlayzYT says:

Its the bugger's coming from my dude

KingPandaPlays says:

Hi, wrote a poem:

I'm alive,
If you are reading this
you are too

• MCPExplorer says:

The compass is the same as the clock all you have to do is go to your inventory and look at the clock

Redstone 1011 says:

A bit late on the flying banner

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