✔ Minecraft: How to make a Castle

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A classic medieval stone castle! Includes archer towers, a gate, lots of arrowslits, defensive walls, a moat and more! 😀

Translate: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2

Music by C418.


Benny_boy_XD says:

I would be interested in how to make a spooky Halloween mansion with cool features from past videos. This is just a suggestion and I love to see more videos. Keep it up! xD

Mettaton Bones says:

make something UNDERTALE related please

tim Kruider says:

Can you place a photo of yourself in the next video inwill no how you look

The GreenPixel says:

show me how to build the island u always make ur vids on

Jack Ryan says:

Loved the tutorial! Can you make more long tutorials?

I C E Y says:

10 things u didn't know about ENTITY 303

Clemi Fisch says:

Bester YouTuber ever

Jenni Ryynänen says:

I❤ Magmamusen

Wyvernblue says:

Your videos are so calming to watch.

LW _90 says:

Is he really 64 year old??

Kapten Apten says:

Song name pls

blue viking says:

How did it take you three weeks to do this episode???? :'(

Robloxfasds13yr_ver says:

12:11 u ain't u delete them all

S Hayes says:

Magma museum this is amazing! You have fantastic ability in Minecraft! I also love the way you use the same style as the Minecraft producers! (With mossy/cracked stone bricks) In my opinion you're much better than those lousy guys from Microsoft that I think have ruined Minecraft!
(Sigh for effect) Only if Notch could see you now. You make his dreams of Minecraft come true!

Gamer 300 says:

Magmamusen are you playing minecraft java edition or windows 10 edition

GlaceonGirl says:

“Make it look random.” Me: adds sponges and pumpkins and other random blocks
Also magma please post more frequently!! I <3 your videos but I can’t get too much variety :T

More Gaming says:

DanTDM is 25 years old lol! Thumb up for famousbirthday.com

Rains Reign says:

Cooooollllll 😁😁

YouTubeGuy Gaming says:

But also, Nice Video!

YouTubeGuy Gaming says:

Magma Musen i found some people that are copying your channel…

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