✔ Minecraft: How to make a Gaming Setup

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For all the gamers out there! This build includes the computer, the monitor, the keyboard and speakers. 😀

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I use Fraps for recording and Camtasia for editing! 🙂


PROGaming David says:

What is this music?

Ghast Gaming 77 says:

Top ten/ five facts about yourself!

I comment for no other reason than wasting 3 secs of ur life reading my username says:

a cobblestone wall would look better than an anvil! good job on the rest tho :)

Arthur B. says:

3:23 you can't do that in normal Minecraft.


minecraft pe Please

erick santos (ericksantos12) says:


Roel Leijser says:

Only one monitor pfff


Jesper Proos says:

Can you take the next time things you didn't know about the zombie pigman please

Omar Diaz says:

Make a Supermarket. Like If You Agree ?

Ali Riedo says:

pls make a mojang office plsss

Blocky perosn says:

why don't you build in creative?

Marcus Svensson says:

Are you swedish?

Emil “Mollof” Andreasson says:

Why do you destroy pistons with a pickaxe?


For me you are #1 in youtube :D

Sophie Staker says:

End rod? how?

anwar alaydrus says:

How to make TV

WhirlDashMC - Minecraft says:

U now achieved 400,000 sunscribers


Esmée de Snoo says:

make a coffee/ice cream shop.
i dont care if that takes very long.
i always like what you make!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vinski Lång says:

Video game store! Or printer.

Mineshock says:

can you make a motorcycle plz i love you

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