✔ Minecraft: How to make a Sailboat

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It’s a boat. With a sail. You could also call it a ship. A sailship. But that would be wrong.

Translate: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2

Music by liltommyj and C418.


mohita chauhan says:

are you playing in a snapshot?

The Entity909 says:

10 you didnt knos about Phantom/monster of the skies/Mob B

XxgmxX says:

I can’t wait for the update to get on the Xbox!!

Professor Hesse says:

Very cool, I will absolutely use it in my world

Aidanplayzz _ says:

Im watching sinds 500k subs Ur vids never dissapointed me

NeXXt Turbo says:

My mc isn’t 1.3 we don’t have those trapdoors yet

Sinan Işıklar says:

I think you should've built it in creative because the sail part was really confusing

NeXXt Turbo says:

Nice boat magma

NeXXt Turbo says:

Can be better but you don’t want a video of 2 hours i gues because i made a really cool one in 2 hours 😂👍


Thank you for this great video,i wish you to continue with youtube.😁😄

Killer 57 YT says:

Why there is a turtule ?

Noval 4057 says:

i dont have minecraft 1.13 plzz share link in deskripsi

Edvisss LTU says:

You should leave that boat for other builds cuz it will add more detail to your world

Tapio Ylihonkaluoma says:

Looks nice !

TheDimiChannel says:

How to make a luxury yacht pls?

Ervin Hummel says:

Nice, Very nice!

Callum Machin says:

Awesome 😎!

Docker 911 says:

The survival mode is very annoying

Aniek van Arkel says:

you are so creative!

{Dani Gaming HUN} says:

I have original minecraft. But the 1.13 ver. Is not in laucher

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