✔ Minecraft: How to make a TNT Ore Trap

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Mo Shadow Mohammed Nader says:

Magmamusen i subscribed to u when u was at 2000 subscribers

Ahmad Ayomi says:

MagmaMusen, when you do 2.000.000 subs special?

Rabia Gülseren says:

I subscribed

Jonah Barroga says:

Haha gies thanks i can troll my friends very hard

nazmus sakib says:

i subscribed you are awesome 😉

Diamond Knightz5 says:

Magmamusen please show your island seed please

Nur Zeti_YT says:

Can u teach me..how to edit the video….I don't know how…

ed32 soccer says:

should have activated pistons behind so u cant leave

Nguyên Lâm Vlogs says:

You are wonderful.

Bavarian Mapper says:

Can you make a how to build a house with the kitchen, bathroom, etc videos in it?

Rakichi Serizawa says:

MagmaMusen when are you gonna upload ur next vid??

Geometry Dash player rage says:

howdo u still have music from minecraft are u on beta?

Daniel Daniel says:

I lume You video și colo

Haziq Khairuddin says:

Please make a cat statue ,🐆🐆

Sunset girl9 says:

Thanks MagmaMusen!

ROchannel -Gm&Vlog says:

Make a house with all working things, please!

ThisNotMyUsername • says:

Awesome video Hmmhmhmmmmmmm hahahahahah

Rommerd James Apas says:

Hi magmamusen😊😊

Frendershi Shinpearshi says:

Hope-fool-ly i can watch another vid

Catastrophic Cathy says:

Gongrats on 2million sub buddies magma! Keep it up! And btw your videos help me through minecraft suvivals!

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