✔ Minecraft: How to make Balloons

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Helium balloons for a birthday party, fair or some other place that needs to look fun. Old but gold. 🙂

Translate: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2

Music by C418 and Toby Fox.


Landon Rockwell says:

I knew you were gonna put megalovonia when you said you were gonna use a different song

Dogdude22 says:

2:26 10/10 Best joke ever XD

Turbo Fighter says:

2:55 megalovinea

Winter David says:


Winter David says:

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lps black and white says:

I subscribed
(Mjes Megalovania)

Chim Chim's Wonderful Kookies says:

I suscribed =)

Tak Insect Boy says:

Magma muses next time do something about spider and use the song spider dance from undertale

Jv_ S1lv4 says:

Pig vs Rabbit 4:10

A Mage Playz says:

Haha magalovania I guest your playing undertale

Tsenre Zurc says:

wut da flip. MEGALOVANIA THO.

DragoShine / Shining Dragon says:

Is megalovania really actually fitting for catching bunny's? cause in undertale tale when megalovania pops up you have to fight a skeleton that can literally just throw you around the fight box and shoot a laser front this weird skeleton thing called gaster blasters

Anime girl HD says:

Is it me or magmamusen just like undertale?

Macaron The Gamer says:

Yey megalovania

Spider Cow TV says:

you'll float, too

MineCastGamer123 :D says:

I love this idea but the rabbits are a pain in the neck



Amethyst Network says:

Could somebody tell me what the title of the song that begins at the start? I’d appreciate it. I’m not looking for the song Megalovania.

Sevak Stepanyan says:

WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEGALOVANIA IN MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigboy at 1 says:

U love your buds do one in how to make a working tree trap please

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