✔ Minecraft: How to Walk Through Walls

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A quick way to teleport through walls! Get into your enemy’s base with ease..

Translate: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCyGteX4xK-ZO7u9GMB8gKfA&tab=2

Music by C418.


JJH Gaming says:

thanks dude. you helped me

Josephine Domingo says:


the86th player says:

How to go through walls……………./noclip END OF VIDEO

matty4z says:

that moment you brake into a factions base and they have no idea how lol XD

Joel LEon says:

Can you do more build tutorials? Like vehicles

Paige Rocha says:

Ha! Him and his screw-ups! Just liked the video!

TeddyLing Anawat says:

just another version of secret passage #1

Warpix7 says:

no music ? :'(

the crew of cool says:

Yo Mexicans use this trick to get through Trump's wall!!!!

the crew of cool says:

Did he forget to put music in?

PandaPowers 530 says:


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Hey magma want a intro watch my newest video

Bleach Is Here If Required says:

725th comment, so…
Magmamusen, I think you are the best youtuber ever, and you should keep doing these videos.
No need for a face or voice reveal, those (especialy face) are private.

East Sider's Gaming says:

Magmamusen is 0 years
1 Like = 1 Year
How old Can He Get?

Angel Snowflake says:

spectator mode

Ng Sea Fui says:

I make all the trap he tell and everything in minecraft.

Meenaicraft Trolls says:

technical difficulties…
pls stand by
hahahalaa 😂 best way 2 cover up ur mistakes….

Ahmad Salman's Faisal bro says:

Cool glitch…

tefib says:

0:55 do it to lolitsalex and see what happens.

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