👻 Haunted by Ghosts?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex & Steve | Halloween Horror Minecraft Animation

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Are ghosts real? Time to find out in the next animated adventure of Alex and Steve!!
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Haunted in Minecraft | Minecraft Life of Alex & Steve – Enjoy
Voice Actors:
Alex – https://twitter.com/vasnapdragon
Steve / Rick and Morty – https://www.youtube.com/shadyvoxyt
Villager – https://www.youtube.com/elementanimation
Co-written by:
Prolines Productions
Additional thanks to:
RobotPantaloons, TheMinecraftGuy & Vanillaburp
DISCLAIMER: The Minecraft videos we create are not approved by or associated with Mojang unless specified otherwise.
What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a kids Lego style adventure game which has massively increased in popularity since it was released two years ago, much like Roblox. Minecraft Toys are also a huge enjoyment to loyal players who want to have a real minecraft set. Players are able to roleplay with one another, play modded minecraft, create their own story. Mods are a fun way to change the game to make your own monster school, fnaf, minecraft life or machinima. The possibilities are endless!


Blue Monkey says:

You wanted a longer episode so here it is! It's twice as long so took double the time to make. Hope it was worth it.
What do you all think?! 🎃

Skatta_Hg says:

I like the Villagers 🙂

SILKY says:

Very nice animation

Cashmer Cena says:

Can you please do Like Alex and Steve got a new dog and Title it The New Dog??? PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

[BFR] Tommy says:

0:31 rick, rick and morty – morty

Oregma Gaming says:

cough cough rick and Morty reference cough cough

theninjakid 14 says:

Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill ship them, guys.

Pokemon Gamer91 says:

0:32 Rick !

N'Dung Ch says:

Ha ha ha..!!! 2:37 I laugh when steve and alex scared and run away.

No Point says:

Rick in minecraft


rick Sanchez is here…..panic

Robot Plays says:

I had an idea, you know how Steve's skin used to have a beard? Maybe add that as a new character that would act kinda like general 100 from BF friends.

Clint John De Villa says:

wow good video

fabian gaspar says:

Like bien merecido

khackien le says:

It is just a villanger

prime 557 says:

2:42 I LOVED

Cool Hero says:


Lach0503 / FoxWaffles says:

What about Vexes? they're kinda ghosts, and ghasts!

Element Man Studios says:

1000th comment

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