? EPIC Minecraft Seed, First Day & House! | Let’s Play Minecraft Survival 1.12 | Episode 1

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● Minecraft Survival – This is Let’s Play Minecraft Survival! I aim to just play Minecraft and make Minecraft videos for the fun of it! ?
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Welcome to my Let’s Play Minecraft Survival series! I aim to just play Minecraft Vanilla and make Minecraft videos for the fun of it in this Let’s Play! We’ll do pretty much anything, adventuring, exploring, building and battling. I aim to build a bunch of settlements that are all linked together with roads and such!
● MC Seeds Forum Post – http://tinyurl.com/AllBiomesSeeds
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♬ Background Music
● OUTRO – “Taswell”
Above music is by C418. Check out his stuff here…
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★ Series FAQ ★
● Q – What is the seed for this world?
● A – The seed for this world is 274897941 – It’s a very special seed in that EVERY SINGLE biome that exists in Minecraft (in 1.12 anyway!) is within 2,000 blocks from 0,0 in all directions!

● Q – Why does your hotbar and grass look different from normal?
● A – I altered the GUI and textures very, very slightly. This is part of my custom resource pack, the “Python Pack”, which you can download here – https://www.mediafire.com/?e4197qjv0wuh3hu – Due to lack of permissions, I can’t include the Sun, Moon or Custom Sky (when Optifine is installed!) so it’s just the grass and GUI that’s altered in the pack!

● Q – Does this series replace Python Plays Minecraft?
● A – Yes, I wanted to start afresh with Minecraft entirely and you guys wanted me to as well for the most part (https://twitter.com/PythonGB/status/836646108562608129) – This series ALSO replaces the Python Pack, which means this is the only Minecraft series that is running on my channel!


PythonGB says:

In the description of this video, I've added a small FAQ section which I hope will answer some of your queries regarding this series. Thank you so much for the support on this video so far folks, it's super highly appreciated. Love you guys! Hope you enjoy the future episodes too! ?❤️

Lord Katana47 says:

1000th like!

Lorenza Uy says:

hey i spawned in ice pike biome

תומר בר-כוכבא says:

what are you talking about?! terraria is a 2D copy of minecraft!

Liam Murk says:

yay I know Welsknight

Loki Keltie says:

Resident Sheeple


General another settlement needs your help, i mark it on your map

DitIsDieter says:

Why is that hotbar more darker and there and the exp bar is different. Is that a texture pack?

Eray can says:


Alexander Smith says:

Python there is this mod that adds 400 more biomes into your wold and over 1700 custom structures I am sure you will like it. If you type in biome bundle or 400 new biomes mod in the google search bar you can find it. Or xumaviod made a video on it exploring the 400 new biomes mod and also showed how to install it

Btw: I am hyped for this series too!

Jaden Lee says:

Hooray your views are coming back!

NCSRedNovaGSYT ADGaming says:

What happened to your modded lets play? I miss that!

Spellister Mage says:

any chance you'll keep the sheep and name him Mr Sheeple?

John McMullen says:

LOL I thought that growling was your stomach for a sec

Dylan Wood says:

I was so scared that you were going to kill the sheep at 16:42 ???

Downsya says:

Python make a town in the mega tiger biome and call it Treafy City like Python play's minecraft, if any of you are reading this reply saying I agree or not.


I waited for it and also a Skyblock series

youssef abbadi says:

python please can you play roblox

exPvP Gamer says:

what happened to the default 32×32 texture pack

Mihali Alex says:

You should make a lot of tree houses

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