10 “BASIC” Minecraft Tricks YOU Might Not Know! (Top 10 Tips)

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This is the 10 “LITTLE” Minecraft Tricks YOU Might Not Know! (Top 10 Tips). So small, you MIGHT know them all. New Director TOPTRENDS.COM brings you this video. Subscribe below to the channel, and smash a like! Thank you!

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videogames says:

Hey videogamers! Today we have something a little different and we hope you
like it! Debuting Director TopTrends brings you some nifty tricks on
Minecraft you might not know. Share it with friends if you want to share
the tips! smack a like as well and check out the below channel for more
amazing trends and videos!


videogames says:

Dislike bot is on this video guys so PLEASE click the like button to show
haters that THEY can’t win. Thanks !<3 We are the #VGFamily *You wanted
different right? Well... hows this?*

TheDuckVoice says:


FLUXX840 says:

All of these are basic knowledge of MC lol

Spencer Rugg says:

if you dont know this by now then you must have bought the game yesterday

Ka'i D says:


Undying Oblivion says:

I died of laughter at 2:30. ”Fall from heights without dying or getting
hurt” Dies of fall damage.

Maxemus U. says:

learned somethings thanks! We shall beat the haters im always there for ya

Matthew Vasquez says:

What is that beautiful texture pack?

iAmTheKoii says:

Who doesn’t know these things? Literally, all of these things are basic as

DakotaPlaysGamesYT says:

For #8 you could also put a carpet on the fence/gate to do the same thing.

MrWokaWokaWoka says:

These are tips for people who’ve just started the game. Fuck PFF with tips
“We might not know”

If we play the game we definitely know these

lukasek1234567890123 says:

**Disliked** I knew all the “facts” in this video.

Magnus Stensby Goksøyr says:

I knew everything. So fuck you.

Katelyn Leffew says:

If you replied or something anything to me it would make my day better
because I’ve had a really shitty one so far 1.Go detention at school 2. I
have been crying for hours 3. I broke up with my boyfriend and he just now
called me a bitch 

Abigail Christian says:

Also about the endermens, if you stand under two high blocks the enderman
can’t get to you because it is three blocks high.

Your Neighborhood seagull says:

Who didn’t know these things? The ender dragon one was the only surprising
fact. The rest are just common sense.

RandomStuff7010 says:

If the title of the video calls these facts “basic” (which to be honest
they are, unless you’re very new to minecraft), why does the intro go ahead
and say to “subscribe for more *AMAZING* facts that will *BLOW YOUR MIND*”?

killteabagrepeat says:

heres a fun challenge.
make a really big building
throw a water bucket off
jump off
catch bucket mid fall
place water on ground
Have fun >:)
(and yes its possible)

ARRBUT says:

wtf how is it so HD is he on PC or something 

dellanoboy17 says:

Pff waste of time i knew them all :/

xXx MoonShiner says:

There is a lie during #2 Fishes are not attracted by rain. Fishes likes
cold water and the fresh rain is cold. So when it’s raining, the water on
top gets colder and that way the fishes cone close to the surface. That way
you get more fish closer to the surface, but you don’t get any more fishes
when it’s raining than on clean day if you have your thing at the right

James of the MasterGamerRace PCs and Consoles unite says:

This comments section is giving me cancer. They don’t even take the time to
read the title.

TheBlunderman bob says:

The torches will just appear to be on the left side guys

TheNerdyMonkeyPunk says:

Thanks for the tip about snowballs xP

Carlrosie says:

It’s funny how I didn’t know atleast 4 of them

Angel Castillo A.C.E. says:

what texture pack do you use? it looks amazing

Hito FiveFiveFive says:

I didn’t know ice made you faster ( yes I did being sarcastic) 

Bouny Cavanh says:

Dem graphics doe (;-;)

spartenkiller103 says:

about 70% of the people watching this video know all these already
try giving tips that are things people wouldnt normally think of doing
because it forces the game to allow you to do something
something like a redstone block on your head lets you see into caves

stanislas bilongo says:

Omg this is known by everyone who plays minecraft since more than one month
i learned nothing _”

Bailey Tauariki says:

You can also use a torch to stay under water you place it on a surface and
it creates air 

TheGreatNorth says:

What’s the shader?

Bawz Bacon says:

IGN – 10/10

Xeno Von says:

I can’t stand fhs voice bruh sound like a obease guy with 3 or four hairs
on his head

xXCodeBossXx says:

Knew them all

ChamilHD says:

Like IF u all ready know these 10 things

Taylor Long says:

I posted this comment at:
59 minutes ago 301 views. Why do video always have 301 views right when
they’re posted

Bintang Andhika Pratama says:

you don’t say

JackandTommy11 says:

Not to bug anyone but what is the texture pack it looks really good 

ray 15 says:

This is the last video I get to watch of video games because my dad doesn’t
want me watching people that swear

MineKraft Kiddo says:


JimGamingTV says:

SIGHHHHHHHHH! Most minecrafters know this already!

Mine Lafter says:

i guess this is old, cus snowballs no longer do demage

PixelPies says:

When. I bought the game I found this stuff out in a few days, it’s more for
8 year olds who don’t have the mental capacity to explore and find out

Thibault Giesbertz says:

Texture pack!?

Fragile .Tag says:

for the aqua-fall-absorption trick, I prefer to dump the water on top, wait
for it to flow to where I wanna land, then jump

Sawyer Stone says:

These were the worst tips ever. Rename this to basic tips you should all
ready know! I mean seriously if you didn’t know more than half of this your
an idiot. Btw when i said that i meant real minecraft players, not ” you
know i play it sometimes” people

Janna Galvez says:

um also skeletons cant kill you if both of you is in Sugar cane ;)

unusual faces says:

Whay does his minecraft look wayy fucking better?graphic and dynamics

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