10 Builds for EPIC Minecraft Roller coasters!

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Today we take a look at a whole bunch of different builds that you can do for your Minecart coasters! These things are fantastic! Roller coasters are great fun in both real life and Minecraft, and these little circuits will make them even better!

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DiamondJPlayer ! says:

5:31 actually there required on most roller coasters, there called transfer track, there are used for storage of coaster trains and are not used on ride, but there some coasters like Mr.Freeze Reverse Blast, and Powerkeg that have them on ride. You should search these coasters up to see a transfer track in action.

Dingo von Doggington says:

You look kinda like Gordon ramsay. Is it just me?

YesserA says:

You are A legend in minecraft!

Helbereth says:

Couldn't the anvil thrower toss multi-colored concrete powder instead? Might make a cool tunnel effect… and if you got it to aim the blocks so they land on a torch and are picked up by a hopper, you could recycle the blocks…

Noah M. says:

I gotta build these ?

Sadly camping made me late to the video

Mrs A Lihou says:

Do a video in which you make redstone contraptions but don't use dust or repeaters

bat girl says:

Mumbo I love your vids but u inspired me to make a rollercoaster and I tried to use the super bounce but it didn't work and then I remembered it doesn't work for PS3 so how can u ask us to build these if some people can't please buy a cheap PlayStation and build some redstone builds also The cheapest PlayStation I found was 20 pounds from eBay u r welcome


I remember when carrots on a stick didn't exist when riding a pig. I was on Xbox 360

Emmanuel Mutanda says:



Can u make videos on the pocket addition please

TG Gamer// YT says:

What about drop towers in Minecraft?

William Chen says:

Best Video Ever!!!!!!!!! I love to watch your videos with my family!

agrandideaindeed says:

I agree mumbo, if you ain't pulling G's it ain't for me, cheers mate.

Slymie says:



bA6emugEfEv says:

0:51 Like the way you incorporated that idiom into you video progression, really shows how far you've come, keep it up brudda!


Some one say the magic word?

Rudolf Babinsky says:

Ever since when could you push rails?

Rudolf Babinsky says:

I remember you loop de loop

Cat's Meow says:

If watermelons ate humans would they spit bones like seeds?

Ian Jackson says:

The dropper exists (Thirteen at Alton Towers, Verbolten at Busch Gardens)
The elevator exists (Cannibal at Lagoon, Divertical at Miriblandia)
The flying machine transfer track exists (Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City)

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