10 Minecraft Secrets The Game Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Minecraft is filled with all kinds of mysteries and secrets. Players have spent hours and hours exploring worlds, defeating enemies, and logging onto servers to play with other players. Along the way, players have unearthed some crazy secrets involving the game. Builder bots are automated mobs in the game that will actually start building structures and other items within the game for you. If you want to access the deepest mines and taverns in the game, then you should activate the crazy x-ray glitch that will reveal it all. Fishing poles are great for using in the water, but players have found other uses for them including a mob fishing game.

Minecraft has gone through a lot of different updates. If you own the game, then you can still access these older versions and play them. Underwater exploration is made a lot better when you can breathe for an unlimited amount of time thanks to a simple trick. Speed through Minecraft time thanks to a trick that messes with your computer’s clock. You won’t miss another attack when you activate the hitbox command and have the ability to see the best spots to aim when shooting at opponents. While playing in servers, you can fool friends with a Blink hack that makes it seem like you are lagging. Access other parts of your computer while playing thanks to the defocus mode that won’t prevent the game form automatically pausing. One of the craziest areas players were able to reach was known as the Far Lands. Stay tuned to see 10 of these secrets the game has tried to cover up or hide from players!

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Marc-Antoine Kelertas

Builder Bots | 0:27
The X-Ray Glitch | 1:21
Mob Fishing | 2:18
Playing Previous Versions | 3:10
Underwater Breathing | 4:05
Speed Hacking | 5:02
The Hitbox Command | 5:58
The Blink Hack | 7:00
The Defocus Mode | 7:49
The Far Lands | 8:46

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1 5 says:

6:25 pokemon reference

Dipu Hossain says:

Wow you don't know the hit box mode gess what I know more that you

Minecraft & More says:

The farlamnds was the craziesr. I knew some.

demonablkhrt says:

The glitch cube is a big chunk of messed up land That appears randomly at the edge

demonablkhrt says:

You missed the glitch cube

Xx_Hunter_Plays_xX says:


Xander Golden says:

Who the hell, calls them self thegamer when they keep making cash grab videos, steals other people's footage.
And make clickbaiting video, honestly YouTube needs to take down channels that don't even care.

This guy is honestly stupid and getting paid for that is bs. I'm just triggered by how dumb this is.
And we should not be hacking on multiplayer holy crap, are you 5?

God, I'm gonna hope this guy reads this mob of comments and just takes this channel down.

GrassyGamer says:

Why are you encouraging people to hack on multiplayer servers

Sietske Menger says:

How get an builder bot

-Avevo- says:

how do you use the builder bot

CallMeRice says:

U dumb fuck, they can easily patch it, so why would they leave it if they dont want u to know it

The Ball Brother says:

Post more Minecraft console videos

The Ball Brother says:

Post more Minecraft console videos

Blu Sythe says:

I Came Up With Mob Fishing Myself


R08Y says:

fuck off from my recommended. why isn't video blocker for fuck's sake

mag esp says:

Thes aren't secrets. They're features. In fact, most changes are on the MincraftWiKi and change log for console. And if they aren't features, they're just glitches. Or hacks.

Doggo says:

Jesus Christ, your fucking clickbaiting is over the roof. Please kill yourself. Possibly painfully.

Wielkimati says:

"10 Minecraft Secrets The Game Doesn't Want You To Know"

What secrets?

…you can hack in this game!

seriously, what the fuck, man?

SPARKY Spark says:

No wonder people play other shooting gsmes than adventure shits like this

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