10 TIPS FOR SURVIVING THE NETHER: A Minecraft Guide to Staying Alive

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The nether is a dangerous place. So much so, that many players refuse to go there. Dying is common, but it doesn’t have to be if you simply follow these 10 basic tips.

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While the subject matter of Adults Only Minecraft is not strictly for adults, it does bring a unique adult perspective to a world made up of predominately children, teens, and very young adults.

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Donald Stuckley says:

When I am in the Nether I sometimes use God mode

PandaGC // PandaGoldCane says:

I'm lost in the nether and I don't have a map,Hopefully I find the portal soon,Oh and you forgot to mention a technique where you can fish a ghost with a fishing rod and then hit defeat him with your sword

NaiUndead says:

Thanks for great tips!

Danny Otaku says:

thank for all the tips
im thankful that I found this channel
just subbed

Teague Abbott says:

can i join your servers

Eyes of a Tragedy says:

my advice for going into the nether the first time without the ability to make potion, get yourself fire protection, higher the better, and bring golden apples, as many as you can make. it will do in an emergency

DragonLord says:

You should've mentioned to just stay out of open places in general. Ghasts are your worst enemy, but they can't reach every single place.

Creator Lockin says:

good video but for ghasts u just need a sword if it shoots at you hit the fireball with the sword at the right time and its an instant death for the ghast

jarrod mitchell says:

By the way nice vid it worked a lot

MayorLennie says:

I died tonight in the nether. Ugh. It happens. I love going there and know all the tricks. But yeah. It loves to kill you Haha. Great vid

Kyle Penguin says:

Ah the nether. So much fun to be had there. 🙂 Thanks for the video!

Caderyn Fallehn says:

I LOVE this! The tunnels leading to teleport to other places are an idea I've had for a long time, but I haven't known how to go about it. Thank ya kindly!

Larry the Lobster says:

You may want to bring more cobblestone. You can use the cobble to obviously cross to areas that are farther away. But,you can use the cobble to mark a spot,so if you get lost you can use the marks to find a way back.

Adam Isley says:

Nice hub. I recently built a railway in the nether in survival for quick transportation to a floating island. It's much smaller and was a pain to build but it is really useful.

LolaPolly says:

I love this video!I have a MC Xbox world where I'm trying to get the rest of the achievements.(I have 23 left) And recently I've went to the nether and died like a million times!But this helped me.🙃

Nathan Pinno says:

I love the design of your server's Nether Hub. Great work and gives me a few ideas for when I start renting my own Minecraft server.

Redbeard The Pink says:

I also like to make sure I AWAYS go into the nether with a stack of Obsidian and a working flint and steel. That way if you really get turned around or get to somewhere you can't get out of, you can still build a portal on the fly and dump yourself out randomly into Overworld.

I'm a wizard, so portal-hopping is second nature to me.

Jabraskittle says:

i like this video so much that i liked it

Emerys says:

What's the actual point of the nether? Any incentive on going there?

Laina Martin says:

why is dis adult onleh…………….weeeellllpp too bad Im 10 and im here hmph bish

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