10 Tips/ Tricks/ Glitches in Minecraft

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10 Useful tips, tricks and glitches that will help you in minecraft


Horned Pencil 101 says:

When underwater use waterbreathing and night vision to remove blue fog effect

HamsterDude58 says:

He sounds like Be Amazed the utuber

Wolfie Mar says:

4:07 why is one of the iron ores is upside down?

Ján Buša says:

Tip: Do not use last glitch on factions on multiplayer, they will thing, that you are hacker.

EMI4K2 says:

Wow nice, keep uploading vids

Raven Pug says:


Danny Creeper says:

Wow the potion thing I didn’t know about, thanks turtle!

Tubs - Gaming says:

With the dog and skeles, you can make a fully automatic xp farm with a skele duengon spawner

Gud Student says:


HenryPlays says:

Man this gave me nostalgia I haven't played minecraft survival in years

HenryPlays says:

0:38 advertised lmao

CittaV Box says:

Thx thfor last one I didn't know now lol

Pheonix Blaster says:


Kuffs Copo says:

Nice tricks!

Ruby The Hedgehog says:

Yay! Derps back

Toxic Wave says:

That last one seems really useful, especially if youve made a mob farm and need to see which caves still need to be lit up.

Acituanbus says:

U starting youtube again?

tom tsirgo says:

If you drink water breathing posion with night vision you can see way better I think….try it in creative mod 🙂

Ex0V1per says:

Great video

LightningStrikes says:

What happend to that dog XD when he was like that may lead to………what the hell o-o

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