13 SECRETS WHY: TAPE 1 SIDE A w/Little Carly (Minecraft Custom Roleplay)

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13 SECRETS WHY: TAPE 1 SIDE A w/Little Carly (Minecraft Custom Roleplay)

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Gloria Ortiz says:

I seen 13 reasons why and it's so sad!

little_skelly Steiner says:

ohhh boii lol

neko_chan creepypasta says:

No hate but
I think they kinda ruined the series of 13 reasons why -_-
No hate tho
It's my opinion I'm just saying when there's something famous going and they copy it, it just sometimes annoys me
It gets kinda annoying and sh*t but plz don't hate on me it's just my opinion I just don't get fan girls ._. -_-

Kelsey Martinez says:

So interesting ??????

Little Tara Minecraft says:

How can Lily tak a tape when she is dying ?

Margaret Gavigan says:

I'm crying right now

Efrah Katumba says:

Little carly watched 13 reasons why

Tayla Sayla says:

antbody else noticing that she has the wrong name of the series? it isent:13 Secrets why, its: 13 reasons why

Katie Reddig says:

To flame universe what do you mean by total fan boy??

Emma James says:

I watched 13 reasons why!!!:-)

FlameUniverse says:


me: Welcome to your tape.

Katie Reddig says:

And NOBODY is better than NOBODY!!!! Even if their super popular and loved. NO BODY IS BETTER.

Katie Reddig says:

To Lizzy Martinez, Okay you know what Little Carly is the best YouTuber on the whole world, I just wouldn't admit it. Little Carly I'm so sorry I LOVE you so so so so much. Please don't hate me, I'm a very nice girl I'm promise. I LOVE YOU LITTKE CARLY AND EVERYONE Else!!!!!!!! And I'm serious I was just in a bad mood and I don't know why in the world I said that. Now please stop being mean. EVERYONE

Letty Baltazar says:

13 reason why u did watch it

Connor Awesome says:

Can I go in our Minecraft

EeveeLover99 says:

carly it is 13 reasons why not 13 secrets why

Allie Games says:

Reminds me of 13rw

Milkdud 1738 says:

This is the same episode but different music

Lovegirl 752 says:

PLZ do more 13 secrets why pt.3 !!! PLZ!!!!

BubblyBubble says:

this is plajorism I think that's how it's spelled, couldn't you have thought of something else at least, like the thumbnail, the title seriously Carly

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