14 Minecraft Garden Designs! (Tricks and Tips)

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14 Minecraft Garden Designs! (Tricks and Tips) todays showcase is all about gardening, nature, parks and the like. Hope you see something you didn’t know before!

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The Skag King says:

2 has a nice zen garden vibe I vote 2

Logan Benda says:

Grian should make one of these videos w/o world edit.

SpectrumDubstep1 says:

I wonder if Grian made garden one, the G in the ground makes it really hard to tell. Garden 2 is better anyway.

Danyiel Edric Putra Perwira Tjan says:

hey grian. pls build a dessert oasis. like so grian can see.

SlimerTESB Slimer The Enchanted Slimes Book says:

Thx Grian for thos disigns
I can't wait to add this disigns to my let's play!!
and can u do some Hobbit Hole disigns cuz i want to make a Hobbit town. LOL

JITB Miner says:

You might be able to put grass on leaves by using the /fill command. This is without world edit. I'm not sure if there's a name for grass though.. (not the grass block) Try it though.

Logan Benda says:


Rainbow Soda says:

zen garden 2 looks nice

ZekromPlayz says:

I like the 2nd zen garden

mustachesheep2.0 wizard says:

zen garden 2

Dylan clashes says:

Love the vids keep it up

Justin Phung says:

If garden 2 had the sand designs like garden 1, it would be a great zen garden. but I choose garden 2

Mr.Crazy's World Of Madiness says:

do a barbershop or a park please

MasaruSuzuka says:

Definitely 2. It's more like the zen garden that's a part of the house but in the 'courtyard'. It's just really well detailed and screams 'zen garden'. So 2.

Super Gamer says:

Grian I prefer zen garden 2.

Prof. Sourflipper says:

#2 is better

Riccardo Zanaboni says:

no I mean #2

Gunja Fury says:

I prefer the first Zen to the second zen, because it feels more like a true Zen Garden

LPSDreamProductions says:

i like the second zen garden cuz of the cheery blossom trees but i also like how the first one has less stuff so idk also can you do a video of how to make a fairy house or a giant flower cuz idk how to build good flowers

Master More Things says:

2. but we all know 2 is pearl's. 1 has too much "Grian" with the G and all

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