15 Secret Hidden Easter Eggs in Minecraft

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These are 15 secret hidden easter eggs in Minecraft. Did you know any easter egg in this video? let me know in the comment section!! ^_^ What “things you didn’t know about Minecraft” or top 10 video should I do next? 🙂 Leave a “LIKE” if you enjoy, it helps out a lot, thanks! 😀

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How to access splashes:


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Podie cat says:

____━━____━━╰O–O-O–O ╯
save the endangered nyan cat by copy and pasting this over youtube

john mellish says:

Go to 6:20 " any rabbit u give the name tag to"

Splinktonian Ally says:

Anyone know why on console, sometimes when the second player joins the game, they magically are wearing tennis steve?

Is this an easter egg or a glitch?

mateus1491 says:

how can I spawn these steves in minecraft

ILoveCake D says:


ILoveCake D says:


Cookie Shadows says:

If you name the sheep jeb_ the rabbit will change colour

Foxy Is bae (Alex Aguirre) says:


Jen Vest says:

There's some sort of glitch where you can name a nametag "grum" or something like that, and it will turn the animal upside down

Luis Martinez says:

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Jujulazer says:

whats deadmaus account

Mac The Monkey says:

Hey did u guys know my bday is June 1st

Happyfrozenfire says:

Lel it's a reference to terraria not sm64

Jack Beckitt says:

I've played super mario 64

Julian25612 says:

Can u get secret sandstone

TheMissingBagle says:

Why do people always say dead mouse? It's Deadmau5. You say it like "ded mow five" not dead mouse.

Ma Ab says:

It also says "I blame Dinnerbone" lol ??

ProPlay YT says:

I already knew the jeb__ one toast to but all other nope thnx for the good information I will subscribe

evilkiller 9000 says:

Missingno. stands for missing number. The splash text works on a R.N.G. (random number generator), so, when it says missingno as a splash, it's because you deleted the splash texts, so no number imput is valid, so, it comes up as missingno. (or it is an easter egg)

random nerd10983 says:

Notch we will miss you

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