20 Minecraft Mining Tips and Tricks You Should Know!

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Mining is arguably the most essential activity in Minecraft. Without it you would suffer from a significant shortage of building materials and crafting items. That being the case, it’s essential that your mining techniques be as efficient and logical as possible. In this video I’ll give you 20 tips that will greatly improve your mining skills.

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Nathan Pinno says:

I enjoyed this tutorial. I'll have to put some of them into practice in my current Survival game (I've put a couple of screenshots on Twitter and at my social marketplace's Minecraft group.). I'm sticking with 1.8.3, primarily because my computer runs it well, but also because of the attack timeout feature (which I hate).

Ivo Br says:

I always make pokeholes three blocks apart. My tunnels are 13 blocks apart as the holes are 6 deep.

wattles says:

Love your tutorial videos, you explain everything very clearly which is great for the newbies

GameKittenKendra says:

Is Adults Only Minecraft just PC or is there a MCPE server?

GameKittenKendra says:

Caving is more dangerous, but if you're looking for only coal and iron it's more efficient. Mining is more efficient if you're looking for gold, emerald, and/or diamond.

Marutzu Dragutzu says:

texture pack pls ?

ToxicLionSayain3 pikachu says:

thx for the awsome tips

Frank Castaldi says:

I've been watching your vids for a while now, so I finally subbed. Thanks

Evan Hutton says:

If you noticed, your tutorials get more views rather than your livestreams. Just pointing that out.

massattack82 says:

im 33yrs old how to I hang out with the adult minecraft ?

mercurymon61 says:

Thanks for making all of your vids. I tend to mine on the safe side so I enjoyed most of these tips. Though, I personally mine skipping only two rows, because I prefer quantity, and things like emeralds are rarely more than one block. I didn't like your speed tip though, because that would be certain death for me. My method is to push up to the row I'm mining then hold the mine button for five blocks up then five blocks down, only then do I move up. Also, I use this to track torch placement, placing one every two sets of five.

Lawrence Kellie says:

Good and worthwhile tips. Excellent presentation also. Thank you.

Avery Dameron says:

Awesome video!

Cheri Pickle says:

Great video!! Can't wait for Tomorrow's Live stream!

Nik Neuy says:

Nice video. I usually start picking a long straight hallway putting a torch every 8 block. Then on one side of the hallway i pick one block at eyelevel after every two blocks. When finally that is done i start picking each hole as far i can reach, then face 180degrees to the opposite side and do the same, this while checking if there is valuable ore inside.

Mortvent says:

I make the main tunnel 3 wide, just so I can put wool/wood/etc in a > shape to point to the entrance which in long term game worlds is a necessity at times with super mines

georgef551 says:

You touch on the cardinal rule "Never dig straight down", but you forgot "Never dig straight up". You could encounter lava, sand, gravel, or water, and suffocate. When digging up, it's safest to use the "Stairs" method, so if you hit any of the above, it'll be away from you, and you can react.

Cybergailly says:

Excellent video thanks Marc

IronMaidenJenny says:

Great Video!

Mr Aws says:

Thanks for the tips, again, Mark! You should've said to dig around ores under the level of 45 y, but other than that, thanks!

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