233 Star TimeDeo Gives Tips on Bedwars in Minecraft

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ClydeCraft says:

Stop cussing that limits your audience significantly.

Snowflex PxP says:

Why would you rush when u can bridge to diamond and get the advantage later on? btw everytime someone tries to rush me they usually fail and die.

Jitt says:

i had to watch a minute and 34 second ad to watch the video omg

xXzKala Zz says:

Deo is back!!!!

Banana 3000 says:

If You Keep swearing I will stop watching you :-

Anej Bilicic says:

Almost dies, says easy


"o shit!!!!"

swagg34353435 says:

isnt that the guy in theorginalace's video

Atomic Gaming says:

13:13 “Fuck My Ass”

Treasure says:

You got a lot better at this game! Good job, Jake.

Golden Champ says:

You sound like hiccup from how to train a dragon

Noah Hensley says:

Ginger the kind of guy to use a UHC gig head pack for bedwars

Chris Borromeo says:

Texture pack?

James MeurigEvans says:

I am also ginger!

BlockofGrass says:

yea he definately blew up because of bedwars…

flamowlX says:

u just need a gaming chair

Squeddl says:

how do you find all the fingerless people

REDEYE says:

you are a red peac of shit go kys dumb ass

JBello says:

Invis and beds are for rookies <3 u guys

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