3 Easy MINECRAFT Obstacle Course Tutorials with GameKids Millie | MASTER MINE TUTORIALS

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Learn how to make an amazing parkour obstacle course in 3 easy steps with Millie from GameKids!

Master builders from all over YouTube teach Minecraft tutorials, breaking the most complicated creations down into a simple step-by-step process.

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Starring Millie Ramsey from https://www.youtube.com/gamekids

Producer: Chelsea Harfoush

Director: Chelsea Harfoush

Editor: Aaron Porter

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Dayanara Hernandezlopez says:

U are a true minecraft master Mille

Aoife Lyons says:

Yay Minecraft I love Minecraft ?????

AdorableProudSisters !!!!! says:

Why did Five nights at Freddy's jumpscare us and what is the story of Five nights at Freddy's

SleeplessStrawberry says:

This is adorable

darke Engel says:

16 I love u u so cool and beautiful ur chanll is legendary

Baby Kinger Seacon logistik says:

What is Dinosaurs still alive???

Josh the cool boy says:

I want a box dab pls

nahte_lekcib says:

This kid is privileged she has a dxracer.

CoolDime12 // The Enchanted Diamond says:

You play Minecraft and roblox your mite be better than dantdm p.s are you the true leader who made the channel mind blown ?????????

Piggy says:

Omg I'm 5 hour late

Madison Chamberlain says:

Hi early squad

raymond Tzun says:

Awesome video

Allison Dao says:

These are four not three obstacle course

JujuFuntime says:

I made my own thanks I said thanks because when I saw this video I wanted to do it

Ismael Mendoza says:

Awesome ?? ???????????

Adrianah 13 says:

Omg milly i miss you I'm so happy your here

bossy Queen says:

so much cake :I

Grace Edwards says:

First comment
First to like my comment too

Cute and fuzzy owl Girl says:

Early squad where ya at!!!

The Great Wolf says:

It's just me or her game laks color?

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