3011Craft Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Minecraft Server Opening 1

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3011Craft Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Minecraft Server Opening 1

This is an opening I made for my minecraft my hero academia series. It varies from the original because of how my character got his quirk. Enjoy!

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semaj JONES says:

Wait are you actually ending ninja wars ???

Game & Scout says:

IZUKU MIDORYIA Also I wove you Liam

DJ SANS McGee says:

Is he a He a hero or a villain?

SKI MASK says:


Alex M. Maldonado Rios says:

Du a rolplay of mai héroe academia

Seth Spears says:

this was a awesome animation song Liam I think that was the best because I like the beatbox

Derrick Smith says:

Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

SuperSaiyajinXan - Minecraft Roleplay says:

Why you so mad, you gud bro? XD

Also I thought you had Blue Hair

Cj Cool says:

great I haven't played on this server but will check it out

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

I stopped everything I was doing because I thought this was a new episode but it's even better. This intro doesn't disappoint

Ninja Art Random says:

I love the Minecrafty feel to your own interpretation of the first OP of BNHA!

White-runner games says:


frostdra gonbros says:

hey liam i love all vids u make plz reply what happended to naruto afterburn bye

Onaje the Gamehead says:

Amazing animation and don't lie

Mars says:

Senpai will become the best Hero there ever was!!!

BoxOfCandys says:


the white dragon king says:

Hi I like your videos I might now be first view but am first coment

Dr.Chronicle MD says:

I still love it and what do you mean first

UDminison says:

When you scream at your computer in Japanese at 8 pm

Swimmy B says:

Dude the animation is 10000/10

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