39 Minecraft Decoration Designs!

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39 Minecraft Decoration Designs! Today we have more furniture designs, decoration tricks and tips to showcase for you. I hope some of these are new to you and give you inspiration!

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xXWolvesXx says:

Can you do a fitness/working out kind of decorations video?

RubyVlogs 27 says:

When the video started I was like, OMG he's English 😂😂

Crispy Salmon says:

whats the resource pack?

Maya Gusviana says:

Very cool and very nice

Camilia Croitoru says:

Hello Is Is Is Is Is Is

progamergirl cx says:

I dont have fuckin barrer blockss

Super Cool TV Kids says:

OMG your video is talent omg i i dont have text😍😍😍😍😍😍

Pepito Verga De Burro says:

Básicamente dice: Tenés la cola grande y estás para comer, muévelo, muévelo, mueve, mueve cachete

Josh Stewart says:

Can you make a huge house with all your…STUFF… in it?

Cute Kittens!!! says:

I feel like the dumbest person alive for not even thinking of one of these designs

Ashley Fedele says:

Chibi skin (•ᴗ•)❤

Kayleigh Kerr says:

Try string

Bobit2000 says:

Arrrrrrghhhhhh alright I won't press the button!!!!!!!! #lifeishardwithocd

Craft Diys says:

at 19 08 I thought it's clear

Ava says:

Can you use barrier blocks in PE

Erik Fuerte says:

Way to much work

Erik Fuerte says:

Im not a PC player

Anna Whittaker says:


StarlightPlaying says:

Can't you just use a piston to get the dragon egg? Or doesn't it work anymore, cause it have worked for me before.

Mamenber says:

Someone probably already thought of this, but putting an item frame with stained glass on some wood planks kind of looks like an old TV

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