40 “Advanced” Building TIPS/TRICKS in Minecraft [ + Download ]

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In this Video I’ll show you 40 Tips / Tricks,
how to upgrade your Building skills! (with voice 😛 )

[ DOWNLOAD ]: http://goo.gl/vdPUor

Feel free to use it and make sure to give credit in form of linking back to this site so others can find it aswell. Please do not reupload it and/or claim it as yours, thanks!

It was built with/for the conquest texuture pack so using it with optifine is highly recommended, although it should also look alright in default/other texuture packs!

● Twitter: https://goo.gl/V9HRco
● Facebook: https://goo.gl/aGma5I

● Texture pack – Conquest http://goo.gl/RC8xMx

● Music:
1) About That Oldie
2) Get Outside
3) Spring In My Step

from the YouTube Audio Library

Mods used:
– Optifine
– GSLS Shaders (Chocapic Extreme Shaderpack)
– Pixelcam

Thanks for watching ! 😀
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Nightcore is good :P says:

u inspired a friend of mine and he told me about and now u are inspiring me xD love ur vids

Theo92160 _ says:

Is your skin from Adventure Time? x)

Thijs Hoendervangers says:


phreeze83 says:

genious !! Start making more videos again :)

Cactus Craft says:

how do you get the chicken in the cauldron?

Valentino Nightray says:

You've earned a sub today! Awesome videos! I love building medieval themed minecraft towns and villages. It's the only style I use haha.

The Gaming Creeper - Minecraft, Terraria, and more says:

one thing I do with cauldrons like that is I take out 1 water bottle from it to make it look like it is not full. I just dont like it like that.

Tomuntak says:

Just start playing minecraft again , and found you (PERFECT)!
How do you place thoose invisible blocks ?

nic0_8 says:

are you austrian, you really speak like an austrian, I am from austria :)

The Ugly Cake says:

HI can you help me with a castle i dont have paypal so hope you can
build one for me free you dont have to but i will realy apreicate a
castle my email is theuglycake101@gmail .com

Mubius Ford says:

Lemon Fox , I adore your video's but I want to learn how to build viking house , can you teach us please?

xX_Rinux_Xx says:

bist du ein deutscher ytber nd machst englische viedeos würde mich mal intressieren
freue mich wenn du antworteste!

ryan frederick says:

Amazing.Now I can Build Better Thanks Lemon Fox :)

Suns Echoes says:

Awesome vid !!!

Molten Slayer says:

How do u get barreir blocks

Hydro says:

Hey Lemonfox, are you german?

Віталій Шевчук says:

Very nice!
More tips, please))

Lord_ MineJonas says:

Nice Video, where are you come from?

PixElements says:

Really cool ! Pls make a second part of this :)

Enni Assi says:

Got a few new tips, nice video :D

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