5 Elytra Tips And Tricks on Minecraft Console Edition

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Run Faster! Jump Higher! Even Crawl?… In this video, I show off 5 different ways you can use Elytra in Minecraft. If you enjoyed the video make sure to hit that LIKE button :3

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Elytra Launcher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86Xq4-wPAOE


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EightCube says:

I bet he's doing something fnaf based with that :D

Lighting Wolf says:

Elitra's can make you fly :D

The Diamond Master HQ says:

Sub to me please

Lucas Edwards - Sir William Gage MS (1519) says:

U suck at mine craft and as a youtuber


1.fnaf vents

ThexDoctor 130 says:


ThexDoctor 130 says:


Wafush says:

with the running and jumping with elytra, sometimes you get some air time and the durability goes down slowly

Minecraft Skillz says:

i knew you could repair them i just made the vid private cuz im editing it

Chaos Wolf says:

Thanks for these tricks!

Love gratings from Germany!

Sans Undertale says:

Fed you can go 2 blocks high invite me to a party Creeperlord22

Tara the Teddy Bear says:

What I if told you…

You read the first line wrong!

Wyn Matthew Ancheta says:

Actually i dont doing trick

Noob Sheep says:

Minecraft PE have elytra to…

Myunbo Pen says:

Any clue what circuit can deactivate all redstone circuits if you activate it?

Pickachu Clan says:

I was very excited to see this added to my console!!!!! Thanks for the tips :D

xEverlastz Ninja says:

Prestonplayz did it on PC the running faster technique

KrazyKat4531 ! says:

I subscribed!

Roxette Lei Angel Pelayo says:

Fed X Gaming your a realy awsome/cool guy in the world i subcribe away and it is done.

theBoss31 says:

I know 3 New Elyra Tricks but Does it Work On Mcpe?

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