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minecraft world edit furniture designs – 5 of them. Massive shoutout to NotFlex who designed 4 of these and put them in an amazing house on play.usetheblocks.net at /tppos -2790 100 332
get the texture pack at http://andyisyoda.com
world edit is on a server – I do not know how to put it on single player

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Shaders: KUDA
music outro
► The Entertainer (Remix) ◄

Free Download: http://bit.ly/1Jm9JXL

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Casiowings says:

Im Casiowings in the video! haha!

artwowcar says:

andyisyoda I would love to help with ur sever!

GAMER80816 says:

lol 0:33

Abdalazez Hazem says:

hello andy ineen world edit web

TheGamingNoob64 says:

Andy is the best builders in minecraft! He is better than Grian! I hope this channel gets 10 million subs!

Captain Quack says:

You should join a prison server to let your viewers join you and socialise 😉

Captain Quack says:

I can't do it! 😉

TheFlyingPilot 21 says:

Wow ! Great video ! You should do more !! Even tho i play on console , i enjoy watching these vids ! The best design was the tall shelf , very clever !! See you later andy !

Playlist Kid says:

Or go to BCS and make tese 10x faster and w/ out world edit because he has block updates turned off for most things.

Not hate Andy your vids, texturepack and server are awesome I do go on there whenever I want to build in trad 🙂

Galimation says:

Sorry to say something which hurts your flawlessy in building but the shelf is possible without world edit… The Carpet can just be placed on strings, so he still "floats"… xD But your way is also possible.

H3cate says:

wooo. texture pack designs. HOW CREATIVE AND USEFUL

Fireclaw36 says:

how do we apply for being a builder?

buzzminecrafteric says:

Do more transformations videos

The Stig's German Cousin says:

Awesome video as always, one tip: Don't use black as the floor, it makes it extremely hard to see the stuff. It might save battery life for some viewers, but my phone has no Amoled display (which automatically shuts down black pixels to save battery)…

The Stig's German Cousin says:

Who let the noobs out NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB

ben howe says:

keep up the good work Andy luv video have a great day ?

ben howe says:

I'm Babybatman17 before he started he said he would calls us noobs

artwowcar says:

hey andisyoda would u like to play the hive or hypexel cus I can help mc name is artwowcar

librafilms says:

non world edit version please

ZinqDZN says:

Nice video! I'm 82DJS btw

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