5 Small Minecraft Servers YOU NEED TO TRY! (Top Minecraft Servers)

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This is my list of the top 5 Minecraft Servers. It is the best small Minecraft servers in my opinion for Minecraft 1.12.2! These are fun Minecraft servers for all! These are new Minecraft servers and small Minecraft servers that I have found and enjoyed so I wanted to share them with you! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to support it with a like and subscribe for more top 10’s!

This video is sponsored by The Ghost Abyss.

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5. Ghost Abyss Network (Now redirects to Cren Factions)
Server IP: GhostAbyss.us
Website: http://store.ghostabyss.us/
4. StrongCraft
Server IP: play.strongcraft.org
Website: http://www.strongcraft.org/
3. Empire Minecraft
Server IP: play.emc.gs
Website: https://empireminecraft.com/
2. FoxCraft Network
Server IP: mcfoxcraft.com
Website: https://www.mcfoxcraft.com/
1. VentureLand
Server IP: mc.ventureland.net
Website: http://www.ventureland.net/

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These are the top 5 servers in Minecraft that are small and a bit unknown. I rated these servers based off their overall fun, great development, plugins, uniqueness, and my personal preference. I tried to add a variety of different types of servers as well so there are Factions servers, Sky Block servers, Survival servers, Creative servers, Minigame servers, RPG servers, McMMO servers, KitPVP servers, and Parkour servers. It’s hard to do these videos without bias as these are my personal favorites so take note that these are MY top 10 Minecraft servers and top 10 Minecraft Small Servers. Please let me know if you want to see more and I will do a part 2. Thanks for watching this top 5 servers in 2017 video! These servers should work in Minecraft 1.12.2. Some may work in older versions like 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, and 1.12.1!

Yes, these servers require you to actually purchase the game! Yes, these servers require a premium account! Yes, these servers are some of MY FAVORITE servers to play on. I didn’t base this list on anybody’s opinion but my own. Thank you. 🙂

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Which servers do you want to try? What is your favorite Minecraft server?


The Pixelated Fox says:

play.madcraft.host come join me in this economy survival server we are currently getting ready to host many events so you can get an opportunity to get some rare loot and God items

jamkam says:

this server is insane play.strongcraft.org

Team GX says:

Guys here is a new epic server it has everything you may think of, here's the ip: mcall.craft.gg, hope you enjoy playing in it!

Alice Finch says:

My fav is apex.mcgs.pro tbh

Lunicorn Unicorn says:

Play Creative fun!!

Aaron Am says:

Can you review fruitservers it's an awesome small server, that has lots of events and cool plug ins.

CactiGaming says:


Tarun Jangra says:

ive been playing on strongcraft for last 4 months and it got reset this week so you guys can join if you want

Edgardo Páez says:

abla español

VG. Reapin 7.0 says:

anyone wanna play with me???

Vanilla Studios says:

Nice video! You should check out the trailer for Semivanilla on my channel.

Akridas Channel says:

╔════╗MedievalLost ╔════╗

⚽ IP: LostMedieval.minebz

♣ Version: 1.8X – 1.12X

✌ Server RolePlay

▶ Factions
▶ Mcmmo
▶ Weapons
▶ Envoy
▶ Custom Enchant
▶ Rankup
▶ Custom Maps
▶ Crates
▶ Quests

#Newserver #Enjoyguys #Havefun #Minecraftserver #Newminecraftserver

BlueFlamingPanda says:

join azureisland.ddns.net its a new faction and skyblock server! really cool to play on

Nuri Samancı says:

brother would be 1.12.2

0-0 Dart secret powerful op Monkey card says:

New. Best. Youtuber.

XD7Gaming says:

Thx thx thx so much!!!

Kamal Osama says:

how to joim

Lemon Scented Bleach says:

You sound hot!

AuroraXTGaming says:

CapsizeCove Network – New OP Factions Server Releasing on February 3rd
● Discord: https://discord.gg/bZ3q6XV
● Server IP: pvp.capsize-cove.com
● Website: capsize-cove.com
● Shop: shop.capsize-cove.com

Marek Plachý says:

What about modded servers? (With downloadable modpack) Main is small amount of mods and players.

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