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5 tips and tricks in minecraft to build tower roofs. These can look tricky to build but with these 5 tips you should increase your confidence in tackling bigger and better projects. I am going to produce a TIPS video every Tuesday!

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tower in thumbnail by Tshara


CaptainJellyHD says:

Somehow I can't connect to your server :/ it just says "Can't resolve hostname"

Glitch [ Gaming and fun! ] says:

My God! Now I know 5 tips on how to build a house! my life is complete

Chihiro Sun says:

Pls make a vid about how to make round castle walls and decoration tips. I have a really hard time building castleswalls and to make them look pretty too.

Chihiro Sun says:

This was so helpfull really the hidden block rule helps al lot. I always have problems with round shapes

BadHombre says:

Hey, Andy, will you let us know somehow as soon as the new texture pack comes out?

Christopher Robertson says:

I really need to quit watching these in the middle of the night… It's 3 a.m. and I really want to go downstairs to my computer and start building.

Kool Kyurem25 says:

I never heard you say what tip 5 was. Nice towers btw.

Daniel Astakhov says:

Love your builds and I don't know how I didn't sub before if you could make a yoda in the starship:)

Ghostgaming music says:

good tips but that's a bloody Tall pointed roof you got there mate

Elliott Tilton says:

holy shizzkabob that's one spicy tower

Yoshimation says:

I heard Andy can wrestle….

But I bet he can't pin me…

EnderMino says:

Give 5 type to build better modern house Sir!
And How to make it detail…..
and……….What colour that we have to use for modern house interior

Make A video about it if u agree 🙂

it will so much appreciate it

EnderMino says:

i watching this before one thousand views

BladeBreak says:

Hey Andy, I joined your server 5:00 Eastern time, and none of your admins were on, so I couldn't get a plot. 🙁

Joshua Corbin says:

Like vids man…u got another subscriber

Wood Playz says:

hi andy yay

andyisyoda says:

Please leave a like if you did enjoy!! If you have a friend (well done) that would like it then share the video XD – thanks for watching! May the Blocks be with You!

TheMightyJaffaCake says:

awesome. thanks

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