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5 tips and tricks in minecraft to build EPIC constructions. These can look tricky to build but with these 5 tips you should increase your confidence in tackling bigger and better projects. I am going to produce a TIPS video every Tuesday!

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Podi ci says:

This building reminds me of the Plaza Hotel. Nice tips.

Enrique Fernandez says:

What version are you on?

Erick Bower says:

Andy, if you still want a co-host for the inspiration series, you should try smithers boss; he has a very similar style to you


this is new i tought it was year ago

Mikey Liba says:

hey andy i was wondering if you can do a wedeneasy modern suburban but the challange is that it has to be all wood like the wooden houses

Tom Thiessen says:

my takeaway was the 6-2-6. I have a new series I'm working on and this will be uber-helpful ? thanks Andy

Juuzou Suzuya says:

I hate seeing stuff like this because I really wanna build but then I remembered I'm terrible at it

Bálint Bencsok says:

Hey Andy! I just now found out that you have a YT channel 🙂 We used to build together on a different server but now thats down for forever 🙁 My username was StuffyBlackKiwi if u remember me 🙂

cole godsey says:

Great video kelp them coming

Swordable Ace says:


masta gaming says:

Of your channel

masta gaming says:

Yeh I'm kinda a fan

Serenity Assassin says:


David Moura says:

I also subed

Ella wenstrand says:

51st Comment!

David Moura says:

Hi Andy.
i whant to be a builder in your server, but i only play on console so im gonna have to get used    to it.Wish me luck!

Captain Quack says:

Awesome video man! I need to see some more small builds like the village series for my survival! 😀

MisterCocoa Productions says:

I just subscribed and I'm gonna join the server

masta gaming says:

So good advice Andy

ReEz says:

I have actually seen an real life hotel, that looked really similiar like that xD
Maybe he took insipiration from that :=) Or maybe he just made something xD

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