50 Minecraft Decoration Ideas!

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50 Minecraft Decoration Ideas! Here is lots of tricks, tips, ideas and inspiration for your minecraft projects, worlds and houses! I hope there is some kind of decoration good for your minecraft house!

Why did you reupload this?
I accidentally messed up a segment of audio, and I can’t stand videos with major mistakes in them. I fixed it and reuploaded this! I would REALLY appreciate it if you watched it again and gave it the same support as yesterday if you already saw it!

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Jaiden// TDG says:

the armour standsssss

Tamir Darkhansukh says:

I can make a good blanket and it work just like a normal bed

Allen Baclor says:

I made A television just using a Shulker Box and an Item Frame.

Josh Lavigne says:

Hey Grian, I love your work as you do a great job. I have a couple questions, that I was just curious. 1. Do you ever play vanilla survival? Because your builds seem complex to complete in survival. Also, could you do a tutorial on Banners/Wool flags? That is the one mini-build you have not gone over. Lastly, what is your opinion on texture packs? Why don"t you use them, what keeps you going completely plain? just curious, I would appreciate it very much If you answered this in your video. Thanks!

Toast Da Bread says:

you said iron fence instead of iron trapdoor XD

Toast Da Bread says:

you said iron fence instead of iron trapdoor XD

TheOksanna14 says:

There were some designs here that I saw on Reddit or other youtube channels, but wheres the credit? :/

Neon Aura says:

It sucks that you can't use a lead on sliver fish cause then it could make it look like the leads connected to the chandelier shake but I'm sure there's a mod for leading mobs

Nyan Navi says:

IDEA FOR BUILD YOU COMMENTS: Build Grian(Regular), NPC Grian(I know Grian and Npc grian look the same, but still) and robo-Grian(the one you used when you were sick) having a reunion party

Pierre B says:

Really well done! I am definatly going to do most of them!

Hobgoblin says:

please use some of these in build battle

EimerBauen says:

kill yourself

Adalgiza Curbelo says:

hi  gryian

Joe Sutherland (DA PRO) says:

What's with you and armor stands? They look amazing but still, over use much


Wow, cool things

PrOnT o says:


Conner Man says:

how do you get shulker boxes?

Jarno Pit says:

if you use a (renamed) rabbit instead of chickens with the lead trick… they are silent AND small. And it is how MagmaMusen got Kebab!

Etharnius Productions says:

Can you make a street community build tutorial? Please.

The Crazy Cupcake says:

3th Doesn't work ;~;

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