50+ Minecraft Furniture ideas!

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Hey guys I put together as many minecraft furniture interior decorations as I could and have used throughout my building career. I probably forgot a bunch, but here are over 50 of them.

I used a variety of scale and design for each segment. I cover chairs, tables, storage and beds.

If you have any that you came up with be sure to tweet them at me so I can learn from you just as much as you learn from me! 🙂

Chances as you have seen all of these or none of these designs! I don’t really mind, I simply hope that these will spark some form of creative spark in you and hopefully you see something that will fit in your own minecraft house.

Thank you to the wynncraft build team for some of their ideas too.

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Hamad Almazrouei says:

Wow I gust now 14

Lim Tong says:

thank for the creation

Super Kevin says:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I know all of them

Rachel Deagle says:

Can I get 10 likes on this at least it my birthday day today turning 13

Piggy Dooper says:

I bet some noob tried to sleep in some of those beds and got really confused

Catherine Kilgour says:

Another chair design my son taught me is the one with the door but with a banner attached to the door so you don't see the door from the front.

Goddes Angel says:

Its helpful thank you

Lexi98 2.0 says:

I liked using these designs they made my interior look better

Grian V.2 says:


Thesupergamergirl 1028 says:

I know them all

Laneija Horton says:

I subscribe??

Kayla O'Connell says:

I knew almost all of the chairs and those where the only ones I knew

Beat The Game says:

Well grain I don't know any of this creation and you are like the most greatest builder ever

Keir Tanyag says:

i build all of that furniture but the bed made of coblestone

Natalie Bahem says:

He sounds so adorable and sweet!

Lina Hernandez says:

thank u very much for more aws9me ideas in minecraft

adam Hatfield says:

Vanilla Minecraft yum CDC

courtney brady says:

Who loves GRIAN (+_+) Me

Maika says:

thanks that umake this video because my stubborn brother even though he wants a amazing furniture
so.. thank u so much (finally on my behalf he stop being stubborn)

Bai Lynn Kari says:

who is watching this in the may 28th 2017 I know I am

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