6 SECRET SCARY Things You Can Make in Minecraft! (Pocket Edition, PS4/3, Xbox, Switch, PC)

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BOO! Did I scare you? No 😱? Well hopefully these secret scary things for Halloween will 😝
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Eystreem says:

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Alex Pimental says:

Spooky skary skeletons send shivers down your spine

Creeper Warrior says:

How would you like it if a creeper was doing that to you and then killed you!

Jhon Yamonir Morin says:

Why du only have 300k+ subs u should have like bajilion subs beacause of ur energy i like u im a huge fan im a 11 y/o boy keep going dont quit ur job keep it thats it bai

Sebastian malm says:


Jesse Kirkman says:

I do not like you

junrey porras says:

hey eystream you are cool i was wondering when you type you looked down are you in a pc?please answer

Dustin Sponenberg says:

3 days to be exact

Dustin Sponenberg says:

I'm in the future

Mind Full of Games HD says:

Why u did not use zombie villager

FS Games says:

I subscribed

Xavier Fritz Hamino says:

Is that a mod

Tanja Penttinen says:

I will join your realm

The ditto fans Ditto rules! says:

I did that sceen from the it movie i dont have texture packs but i do have name tags!

Myra Nemiada says:

The builts are not spooky

John Lopez says:

so long intro im bored

magic Garcia says:

is it okay if you bit me an Nintendo swich

Jolly Bord says:

I just made it

Jolly Bord says:

Hurry I got 30 day of my realm

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