6 Things You May Not Know About Minecraft

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows off some things that you may not know about Minecraft.

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speedyace looc says:

also i thing that is not there there is 50% chance villagers always drop 3/5 bread and 1/3 beet root

speedyace looc says:

did you know hen you open multiplayer you can plwy with other servers

Salty Waffle! says:

gg ez ur a nub this iz bazik doode

Zai Dragonblood says:

I knew all of this. Get gud, fam

uncle curt says:

you can middle clik with your mouse on chest's and you copy every thing that is in that chest

TheRedstoneEnderman says:

I knew all of these

Eeveelution says:

I knew all of them but the slime one.

joe sean A G says:

i knew all these MANY AND MANY YEARS AGO SINCE 2013… No I Was Playing And Knew About Minecrafts Existence In Like January Of 2014 BUT THE ONLY THING I DIDNT KNOW GUESS.. It Was That its Better To Have Skies Accessable To Water For Better Fish Rate… WELL I GUESS IM CONSIDERED AS A PR.. no EXPER.. No MASTE… Nope. CHAM.. *MASTER CHAMPION OF 2012 RATES OF THE ECONOMY I only Knew Since januar 2014 What 2012 economy was i talking about also Congrats For Reading To here Okay Goodbye

laurajland says:

one more thing I don't know in minecraft 1.1.0: how do you get shields?

Magnus Mobæk says:

creepers are scared of cats

ijailbreak Pro says:

Remember when he was good with the this is twit intro

j myster says:

yay i knew them all

Andrej Dencevski says:

What mod is for the sounds,bottom right?

Bagastyo Keren says:

Thanks to remember all player on Minecraft

PaulTheSuperstar says:

Bedrock acts like nether rack in the end (stays on fire when lit)

PaulTheSuperstar says:

I saw a video about the bite rate yesterday, good thing I'm watching this late ?

Skyler Mckdoe says:

I knew everything in this video!

King of Am says:

thous are 6 noob things you may not know. Fi you didn't now that yu shoud stop playing minecraft

Dark Slayer6810 says:

I don't play mc I play pe and I know both mcpe and vanilla . that's in the vid 🙂

isaac lepitzki says:

5/6 i knew the one i didnt know was the zombie door thing (but the zombie couldnt break the door anyway cause they have to be on a full block

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