8 CPUs, 1 Minecraft Server – Hardware Tour! (HP DL740)

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Bid for a HP DL740 on eBay and won, here is a Lil’ tour inside the beast of a computer.

Will be using it to host Minecraft, Gmod and CSS servers.

Currently running with;

8 x Xeon 2.7Ghz CPU’s
10Gb ram (2048mb redundant)
4 x 74Gb 15,000rpm HDD in a RAID 5 array
2 x 1100w Power Supplies

As I say in the video, I’m being cheap and sticking with a custom Linux over windows server edition, CentOS is the version I am using.


Joel Crocker says:

I have an Hp dl360 I am in the process of setting up again for Minecraft server as A Server, I place mine in the kitchen with the door closed on the frig

wolfcraft minecraft says:

do you speack french ? svp

hossein tanha says:

شبکه گستران یاقوت سرخ ، ارائه دهنده انواع خدمات و راهکار های شبکه های کامپیوتری ، هوشمند سازی ، دوربین های مدار بسته ، امنیت اطلاعات . و همچنین تامین تجهیزات موردنیاز .
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HTML9000 says:

Linux is Love, Linux is Life

Wlan Wlan says:

You've noen clue 'bout what you're sayin' . First off, Linux is much more optimized for servers. Bunch of software. It's not because he's poor. He just have clue.

FreezingTuber12009 LOKO says:

how many? $$$

BigAsh says:

"Can get up to 62GB of ram"

Me: Thats it? Looks at the date ohhhhh…

wer38 says:

my poweredge 2950 is louder lol

Hayden123457 says:

you can have more than 64gb of ram, with all ram dims filled with 16gb sticks you can have 640gb of ram

Matthew T says:

The Minecraft servers only utilize one core in a single computer

Manu says:

(complete server noob here) do you have to have your internet 24/7 for running a server (e.g using it for a gmod/minecraft servers) I'm pretty sure you do, but idk. reason I'm asking is 1. our internet isn't crazy fast when we're all on, like 9mb upload 30mb download, so wouldn't this completely fuck up our connection? also, in my house we turn our internet of every night and then on in the morning

Richard Tijerina says:

no one follow his steps. this hardware is completely wrong.

Linux debian says:

WHAT .. !!
u have Linux cuz u "POOR" .. brother, listen
Google, amazone, facebook, youtube, sony, samsung, steam valve, and even ebay ALL of them have A LOT of money and ALL of them R running Linux.

very beautiful build .. cheerup or i should say : Linux it up

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

btw the cooling fans are not normal, they WAY LOUD LIKE 100× LOUDER THAN A VACUUM CLEANER!, and why a server pc just for a minecraft? u can buy a gaming pc or some sort, not a freaking server, server will cost like $10.000 or $20.000 so for what u use a server just for minecraft?

Aus_Trips_Gaming says:

This was the worst video I ever watched straight after this video I went on eBay looking for a server I ended up buying a dell power edge 2950 for $80 aud

Aero Snake says:

Have fun getting over 100 mbps of upload speed. I know i will.

kill me

Aus_Trips_Gaming says:

can you show us how you hosted a server on this beast

Trusted Gaming says:

does this thing host world side?

Angel Ensefalon says:

This is the BIGGEST FUCKING WASTE…8 processors for SINGLE CORE APPLICATIONS???? For a machine averaging around 1-2 grand on Ebay, here are a few reasons why you SHOULD NOT have this server,

1. TDP TDP TDP tsk tsk tsk, This will need some SERIOUS power because most of HP's servers have archaic and inefficient PSUs, 8 processors under full load your TDP might exceed 900 watts,

2. 8 Processors, my fucking god, The sadder thing is the Xeon processors you get for this don't have HYPERTHREADING, Nor are the individual cores can do much on their own…

3. If you plan on running MULTIPLE gameservers, Don't bother, Even with the amount of VMs you could host on this your RAID 5 array would be REDUCED to speeds of a CD ROM

Well if this is your primary purpose, Sell it and get a better server…
"Will be using it to host Minecraft, Gmod and CSS servers" DigitalMediaUK – 2012 This is worse than the amount of money I spent on actual quality servers…CentOS will NOT and I repeat NOT harness any real usable power from this machine, If you say its running fine, well…It isn't
I wouldn't recommend 2MBs of cache for single core use with MASSIVE programs like minecraft servers

Basic thinking>>>
Every time you power the machine on you realize the power it takes for ALL 8 processors to POST, the lights dim throughout your room

The programs you will be running are NOT optimized for any machine like this under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE
You are a noob who literally thought that the more processors you had the better performance you would have with SRCDS (Gmod/CSS/TF2[Basically any source game]) Or any single core application (.eg Source dedi's or minecraft)
Even with load balancing your still going to get screwed. The price is not worth the power given to you
IF YOU WANTED A DECENT MACHINE, You could've gotten something off of savemyserver.com, that would run any server with great quality and lagless operation. What I've just spent the last 4 1/2 minutes looking at was either a stupid joke or your just plain friggin stupid

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