8 SECRET Minecraft Blocks (Vanilla Minecraft)

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✔ 8 SECRET Minecraft Blocks. These blocks can only be found throught SECRET Commands

Today we take a look at 8 Secret Minecraft Blocks! From faceless pumpkins, to Invisible blocks! Also, there are some great decorative blocks in this video! All these are though vanilla commands!

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All the commands can be found on this PlanetMinecraft Page, credit to Heads!
Page – http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/secret-blocks-vanilla/

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Den Verick says:

I just subscribed to you

SonnyYT gaming bro GCX says:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:bed3

SonnyYT gaming bro GCX says:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:bed

Jared Powell says:

Unspeakable you can get barriers by doing /give @p barrier its that easy

Elaine Mckeighan says:

I already new there was a barrier block

Siger only says:


Powerful KitKat says:

Where R The Other Commands??

Bluey Luey & Wizard Cactus says:

Who saw BLACK SCEEN AT 10:07

mine12king says:

"or if you just want to punch TNT and wachni blow up"

freddy saunier says:

some are comeing in an update of minecraft pocet edithon like you can stack slabs to a block and no face on a punkin

shishukul Indiranagar says:

Hey do you watch pokemon xy

Ruka Kelly says:

punching tnt

Valerie O says:

Barriers that is known

Farris King says:

Big ass man

Crystal Beckwith says:

I got like 4,056 diamonds!!!!!!

Raymond Halonen says:

I like barriers blocks


i found a half bed in minecraft pocket edition 2 times

Renee Gauthier says:

I want to now how to get Barrier blocks in Minecraft pocket edition please make a video of getting barrier blocks in minecraft pocket edition

jessica lowe says:


Paul Aldrete says:

You are amazing

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