A First Look at the Better Together Update for Minecraft

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad takes a look at the first snapshot/ beta release for the upcoming update to Minecraft on Windows 10, Pocket Edition and Console editions.

Learn More: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/beta-test-better-together

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Blue Swordsman says:


TBNRporkRocks says:

who else got excited when he pressed that glass tab?

Plant's vs. Zombie's says:

What will be happening to the mini Games? Jesus Christ, ooo I'm so scary about the mini Games.

Michelle K says:

Can you please show us how to use the friends and tell us weather or not you need a xbox or the same WiFi like before?

GiovanniGamer says:

MY FRIEND ARE IN XBOX NOW WE CAN PLAY TOGETHAR i forget its beta i need to wait

Spongebob Squarepants says:

Does this mean that sence you will be able to go to windows 10 and MCPE… CAN CONSOLE FINALLY GET CUSTOM SKINS

Doge //Gaming says:

You forgot that you can pose the armor stands

Doge //Gaming says:

The music disc don't work on android buhuhu i want to listen to music

Peter T says:

iOS needs this

OMGitzSarah Hi says:

Hey how to i stop people from stealing my account??? It keeps getting hacked

Audie Playz says:

Chad!!! I need help, my skin isn't working. I wanted to play MC with my skin and I uploaded my skin with 1.12 and played it in 1.11.2 I thought my skin would work. It didn't. Now I can't find my skin in all the folders I have, please HELP

Kol Michelson says:

this guy is the biggest fag evr

Theo Stanley says:

chirp I love chirp!

CANNON BOOM 200 says:

Omg he has mentioned so many things what we know

CANNON BOOM 200 says:

The creative menu looks HORRIBLE

CANNON BOOM 200 says:

This update will make so many people quit minecraft INCLUDING ME

rajan kumar says:

I don't have the Beta because i'm under 18 ?

Jimmycasket 20 says:

I hate the BT update a little sence it made Minecraft console get a stupid new "bedrock" engines

TheCrazedButt Stabber says:

The better together update has always been a thing with win 10 and pocket edition I played with my cuasent he was using pocket edition while i was using win 10 and we played together even with out the update was released bc win 10 and pocket edition is the same thing

Alex Bevan says:

I love how you get so excited that corse dirt has been added, like in your most excited voice, CORSE DIRT!

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