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Ahattyhattietion's Beautiful friend in the world says:

I remember the old Minecraft lobby

Hamish Clark says:

Great video me and my friend we did the same as u and it worked! When we went to the nether area around where the 9 block entrance there was red stone and stuff and we went into one block mode and got out I tryed at my house later but do not know how I did it

Brice Geisel says:

How ya get the gold armor

wyatt smith says:

You don't half to have a friend to do the creeper head just put your arrows on the persher plats. and don't half push the persher plats at the same time

SKITZA FiLmZ says:

U haven't gone under map yet

Bob Billygoat says:

The glass window with the elytra is accessed after winning a round of something

BALEN GAMER 277 says:

رامان بو ءه يدزى فيدوى هه يدزه

احمد إبراهيم plays says:

I see there down a dispenser up the Steve head

DeAndrew Dodd says:

You missed a CD look on the right of the house with two block's there's a button the mini Pole's the button is the same kind of block

Matthew Walter says:

I knew almost all the secrets

Johana Lopez says:


Itz Cali says:

Your cool i like you

Johnnie Johnson Jr says:

don't cuss

Ender Zone says:

The gold button is t
In that room

Ender Zone says:

You missed the chainmail armor

ItzRobby! says:

i found the button for the gold armor

Aquarinaut Fetster says:

You go in the glass wen u win three games

The best gamer says:

I subscribed and hit the notifications

gamer curtis says:

if single player throw stuff on the pressure plates

wolf minecraft says:

you forgot one button that i know of

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