An Adventure on Trovical – Minecraft BEST SERVER

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►Server IP:
Herobrine and Notch land on a new server. GoldenArmor meets them and they have an awesome adventure.
We bring you the best of the best. Join my Minecraft Server now if you want the experience of a lifetime! Factions, Skyblock, Creative, Prison , Minigames and much much more!

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Actors: AdvencaLAMP, xAzumarillYT, TwanVanDijk

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GoldenArmor says:

I am online right now 😀 <3 !!! IP:

Christian Greer says:

OK I'm convinced I'm getting on the server right after I'm done with the video

Bogdan ZX says:

it's epic

Kurei Allen Alpajora says:

i dont join this server

Alexander Tsutsumanov says:

wow I like the trailer on trovical best music

Jenna DragonAlly says:

poor notch!
could you please make that server playable on minecraft pe and then tell me the server name, Address, and port?

Yo!_Itz_GreenGamerz29 says:

pls on pocket edition is out now plssss

joriel recido says:

what version

M4rky 15 says:

what's server name??

Angelo Cristobal says:

GoldenArmor are you joking?

PsysheildOmega says:

I'm not hating or anything but in MY OPINION hypixel is the best server

sawyer rules #500 says:

whats the port for trovical

Michelle Lightbulb says:

Can you join with MCPE? If yes what's the port? I really want to join!

Trường Trần Anh says:

ko chịu zô

Royal Tnt says:

why notch got died

Dr Syed Ahsan Jamal says:

make server for mcpe too

night fury says:

even though this server is SUPER AWSOME it will never beat hypixel no offense 🙂

Ty Snake says:

I'm playing this instead of hypixle now

Alexandar Petrov says:

i can't connect to these server

( try to restart the game )

felicisimo jr Balani says:

Does it work in Minecraft pe?

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