Astral Sorcery: Top Tips! for Minecraft 1.12+ Bit-by-Bit

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Astral Sorcery: Top Tips! for Minecraft 1.12+ Bit-by-Bit

Join Vallen for a brand new series on Astral Sorcery for 1.12+ Minecraft! This is expected to be a short video showing you some massive time savers, little known facts, tips and tricks to help you along your way in Astral Sorcery!

Owner/Author: HellFirePvP
Artist: wiiv
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Download it here:

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Overwatch Gamertag: Frostweaver#1193

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dethdukk says:

Vallen, don't know if you ever mentioned this (maybe in a previous video?) but its very handy to know, so: You can recreate celestial crystals the same way you create them in the first place. So if you get a bad roll on one you can just remake it again, given enough time and liquid starlight.

Matthew Heywood says:

Any chance you could do a review of the Wizardy mod by Demoniaque? I think it's pretty neat but could use some more attention, it combines aspects from thaumcraft, ars magica 2 and psi.

Squarehead 333 says:

Do bit-by-bit on roots 3!

Just Hmm says:

Is anyone tried starlight liquid as a coolant in immersive engineering or extreme reactors? It requires hardened fluiduct so its extremely cold.

PokeMasrerJ says:

Hey Vallen, in 14w06a (which was a 1.8 snapshot) you can see the day count on the debug / F3 menu. So no need for OP permission to see what day it is on a world.

Kris Schall says:

Chalice with water adds to the resources.

LuciaCHuygens says:

Your tutorials are incredibly helpful. Thanks a lot. 🙂

MammaJamma says:

Can you pipe into the chalices?

Question Mark says:


Just Hmm says:

Can you switch constellations on your attunement altar, when you fill it with spectral relays like that?

Just Hmm says:

Acceleration Wand (Not Enough Wands) + Source (aquamarine etc.) + Lightwell = Up to 10x Starlight Liquid cost of some RF.

Kiba loup says:

I can ask a question?

Kogmaw30 says:

Love this series! Been loving working with this mod since Thaumcraft is sadly no longer updated.

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