Awesome Minecraft Decoration Build Tips & Tricks!

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Minecraft: Decorations Build Tips & Tricks!

Over 20 Minecraft build tricks & tips using a variety of blocks, armour stands, mine carts, Flags etc.

Hopefully giving you some build inspiration & Ideas! Love the new Minecraft statue builds definitely adding them into my Minecraft villages & cities! =]

Hope you enjoyed this video!

Thanks for watching!



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See you next time & welcome to all those newbie subscribers =’]


Lowtheo says:

very nice, 1 block space smart fast to build and awesome look =)
Good Work

Jenna Tierman says:

I think that you should do a tutorial for a Medieval Bakery!

John Uferbach says:

Wow, these are revolutionary! i've never seen something like that! Well done Sir! :D

Nathan Angstadt says:

There are commands that give the armor stand arms and you can take away the base. I don't know them but Seth bling has a video with all them in it

Alex Stinton says:

"These flags weren't made by me" then credit the person who made them? At least in the description.

Robeasy2 says:

Nice ideas! Spidaweb

Khayr_R says:

i like these ideas and can u pls make a hobbit house using some of these deco

Александр Князев says:

Привет ^^ Я из России , смотрю твой канал очень давно. Хочу пожелать дальнейшего развития и всех благ ^^ Удачи ^-^

Bear Goguen says:

not so good for console players as we are limited to how many armor stands and minecrarts are allowed in our worlds, either way though, great designs

Dirk Kat says:

So creative as al ways oh and by the way is the castle turtorial still coming?

Nyaw x says:

Jera, tengo que decirte algo:
Estaba tranquilamente desayunando y viendo tu vídeo, y tras meterme una cucharada de cereales en la boca… Ha ocurrido esto -> 0:46
Ya puedes imaginar mi pantalla llena de cereales, porque he soltado una carcajada. ¡No me lo esperaba! Ha sido genial, de verdad. Un detallazo y unas risas aseguradas hahahah
¡Muy buen vídeo, Jera! Junto con el de los muros, la verdad es que me está encantando esta serie y dando mil ideas para mis mundillos en Minecraft. Sacas cosas muy originales y nuevas, realmente a penas he visto a nadie usar los recursos que nos enseñas.

¡Sigue así! ;D

One Saint Gaming says:

yay I love this kind of stuff!

Kambuja Kronos says:

can you make a video of 10-20 ways to display the ender dragon egg?

Fubuki says:

I love it!

Bombasticuso says:

Nice job but couldn't you just place a fence and the an armor stand on top of it.It should drop down right?

DrewStone83 says:

Awesome. Definitely going to use some of these for decorations in my builds.

customman820 says:

jeracraft, i feel that you should redo some of your old tutorials that might still be relevant (im mainly thinking of the crane ) and it could be remade or just upgraded to your standards

Texas Jones says:

You could've killed the animals after attaching them to the fence .

Lim The Lime says:

OMG!!! so many NEW TRICKS!! AMAZING!!i love it!

i can tell that some youtuber will copy your ideas and make there own.i just can tell. xD

uzumy nagano says:

you can get to needcoolshoes wedpack to get you own banner

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