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Banned off this Big Minecraft Server – Due to a Factions scam, we were banned off of this server for account sharing.

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Mr Puppet Gaming - Minecraft And More! says:


Kayla says:

Rusher, you should try doing more videos with just you and vembs. They're great and its nice to hear vembs being able to talk more compared to factions

wizdamrisby says:


JustinRulezSwag -Gaming says:

me too I was banned for advertisement permanent

Geekpeak says:

Maybe you should credit the server you play on and dont say this server just say badlion credit them cmon dude.

Cow Games says:

u mean vembz is wining games

Will Bradshaw says:


Zeans says:


Vacuum Hippo says:

Awesome to actually hear Vembz voice

Wacky Jacky says:

Does Badlion now contain Badbans.

Like if the cringe is to bad.

Justin says:

rusher is in your intro a penis wtf

Ethan Daniel says:

In Archer you can use your bow for bow boosting, instead of ender pearling

TheBestPie says:

Lmao, he refuses to say badlion or put the ip

Zunair Malik says:


Hunta says:

This is what happens when you have under aged staff on your server, They turn a simple prank that even had video proof into a shit storm. they should be focused on targeting real issues, not a famous youtubes making a prank. Shame on you moderator you don't deserve to be a staff member.

Jøran Stormark says:

do he live in europa?

Edi Hardy says:

That screenshake while he's pvping oml, is he using trackpad? LOL

PrincessRaphael says:

why is your serever out of date

Lone FlameWolf says:

Rusher you should get banned from factions you fucking abuser

team DeathNote says:

I am diamond 5 in build 1v1s and diamond 5 in 2v2s witch is number 1

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