BECOMING RICH IN MINECRAFT – How To Minecraft Season 5 (H5M) #3

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How to Minecraft season 5 is back and today we went MINING!


Superchats pop-up on the screen:
2$, 5$, 6$, 8$, 10$

People in today’s episode:
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Relectrixx Gaming says:

Bodils account is forgotten by half of his subs

Meme Extreme says:

You make the dirt like that with a shovel

Roman Werner says:


Xavier Sanchez says:


Jonna Welch says:

I love his accent anyone know where he’s from?

dragon 56 says:

Hey bodil can you make your episodes on the old schedule?

Gabezhere says:

when you just come home and relize you will never make it in time 4 the stream 🙁

Milan Paul says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope you dont quit. Nohomo Yikes

DaRealIceCream says:

"It's ok ill fix that" title still says #3

BlitzGames says:

Did anyone notice the thumbnail says #4 but the title says #3? :v

DT S says:

Just got back from school good thing I see this after school ends

the face in da wall says:

Why unlisted?

And first

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