BEST LET’S PLAY EVER! – Epic Minecraft Survival Let’s Play Adventure – Episode 1

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My first Minecraft Let’s Play ever made. Let’s delve into a world full of mining, exploring and adventures in the most epic Minecraft Survival series you’ve ever seen, jokes, I’m terrible. But I believe that we can do this together. Subscribe for more gaming!



Cenezo says:

It's Minecraft time guys. A lot of you guys wanted me to do a Minecraft Let's Play, so here it is. The Minecraft giveaway winner will be announced in a couple of days and a new giveaway is coming! So stay tuned <3

bashir dar says:

u should continue this series pls dont stop making eps u might gain subs and yea try other games too

Matt Graziose says:

Great video man really love it but what screen recorder do you use

TAG_playz :D says:

Actualy unsubbed dont cuss

Splottzy says:

Hey Cenezo congrats on your 500 subs even though i got here and you got 536 subs but nevermind about that.
you're good at editing videos just like isaw at the start of your video and it has high quality you really deserve alot of subs keep doing alot of minecraft series! i just love to watch

DylGamer DC says:

Stupid swearing I'm disliking

Computer Lessons says:

It will be better if you will make your house underground or under water because it is more safe on servers. nice video 🙂 love you

Blax Willdy says:

Love your vids, keep it on

TheTechnocrat says:

Nice video loved it!! hey I really wanna win the giveaway

Fury - Idk just watch videos says:

Can you do a let's play on

A330 GD says:

Wow 425 subs? Your just like or better than some you tubers that have 100,000, I think you can do it if you continue this it's fun to watch.

RahmanKingzJr says:

ooh man you actually making daily minecraft video ,i really like it

RahmanKingzJr says:

great video cenezo keep making daily minecraft^^

Rahil Shah says:

Can we play survival with you

ProLoL Boys says:

I love your videos soo much

Anubex says:

Oh and can u do a tutorial on how u did that thumbnail

Anubex says:

Finally a active minecraft survival series have been w8ing for this <3

GameStationNews says:

I don't care if you haven't played minecraft in a long time. Your videos are fun to watch 😀

Shamah says:

you new to minecraft? or you've been playing for long time? nice video btw 😀

shadowninja 108 says:

i hope i win the giveaway btw i <3 ur vids

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