BLOWING UP SPAWN, MY HOUSE, AND LEVEL 1000 MEWTWO – Minecraft Pixelmon Island – Pokemon Mod

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Today we play Pixelmon Island and I get a level 1000 Mewtwo!
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Sydney Eisenmann says:

i am sick

Isaac Van Pelt says:

Go subscribe to thunderlyfe Gaming and like all his vids!

Maxwell Swanson says:

When is gen 4 coming out?

Jimmy_ Games says:

This series was the only reason I came back to ur channel ? now it's gone and ur cheat series was beginning. I've been here since asf and I'm probably gone for a while ? but keep up the work Jerome. Just because u can't please everyone doesn't mean u can't please anyone. Good job

Ricky24 says:

at 35:30-40 suyduck is dancing lol

Ayleah Southard says:

At 1:29:33 is when you see who is the nastiest Jerome or ben

Kyle Ayton says:

Why does he always have a magmar in his team

Jake Brickman says:

I cant believe he blew up his house. Blow up Spawn.

Josewantstoplay says:

Is the pixelmon ending?

Dane Williams says:

Tbh tho jerome is better as Tewty had to use a legendary but then again jerome could use one if he wanted so actually they are even

unicorn Bailey says:

get a team of pseudo legendarys

Gold Tastic says:

Jrome why didn't you ask blade to get a LVL 1000
rayquaza because he's the strongest pokemon in the game#OG RAYQUAZA

Christopher Pollock says:

Ben is a mouldy BANANA

Tushar Bhudia says:

Ask Pete to ban blade

Darya Kakai says:

pull a preston

Unstable arrow says:

Did anybody else notice the boss in the background of the last battle???

eli pacheco says:

La ver

Borna Buntic says:

how did he get that mewtwo lvl 1000

wong icarus says:

Blade is the worst admin I have ever seen

YEVA TMP The Master Potion says:

its overrrr

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