“Bonnie’s Mixtape” | FNAF Minecraft Music Video

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I hope you all enjoyed March’s upload!

All music credit goes to Fandroid!
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FNAF 1 Map was done by Trainguy: https://goo.gl/hy0mA4

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See you in April!


EnchantedMob™ says:

Be sure to check out my new T-Shirts! Link in the description! 😀

Dakota Christensen says:

i love your song and bonnie my forvite

Jack Sojda says:

Hey Bonnie is on a big stage how there’s only a little one right

Benjamin Carrasquillo says:

I love this and I want the world to now my na a a ame

Ion Tunsoiu says:

i Love you song !!!

Stephen Lopez says:

Dude the whole video is awesome and the animation was just mind blowing

Lindsay King says:


Jesse Madden says:

I've seen this about billion times it's so awesome.

Vanessa Alvarez says:

WHY DID U SLAM THE DOOR IN MY FACE?*loses face now withered Bonnie*yells freddy chica and foxy hear him and look at him in a weird way*they ask"wheres ur face???"bonnie says"MIKE SLAMED THE DOOR IN MY FACE IDIOTS JEEZ!!!!!"*mike heard what bonnie said* "I HEARD THAT BONNIE!!!!"said mike THE END!!!! <3

Vanessa Alvarez says:

hey hey mike whatca think of my new mixtape?*music plays*

Vanessa Alvarez says:

idk the lyrics lol
oh btw i love this song EnchantedMob<3

Vanessa Alvarez says:

3pm and the children now flock in they all think my guitar is rockin bugs is past his time IM THE BUNNY NOW!!!!!!

Jennifer Dodd says:

uhhh bon ya kinda both a ghost and a robot……..lol

Lion Star says:


Jesse Thomas says:

i loooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Justin Perry says:

Bonnie I love you and you keep doing what you do

Flaming Minecrafter says:

Honestly in the fnaf franchises, Bonnie is my fav.

Sydnie Dunn says:

im bendy my songs are better

Chara Golden says:

I love at 2:08 when he is "dreaming" and at 0:58 when he is "kidding" with his "derp" eyes 😀 (so many words in " " o_o")

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