Branch Mining Vs. Strip Mining – Minecraft Tips and Tricks

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In this episode of Tips and Trick I discuss and (hopefully) clear up the confusion between branch mining and strip mining.

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keeton iron works says:

I’ll be sure to remember this when I go to the national mining club 

Terry Belanger says:

Strip mining isnt efficient, you waste alot of picks on stone instead of
ores. It also takes a lot longer. Though yes you don’t miss any ores, it’s
comes to terms on whether you get back enough to replace picks and food,
and branch mining gets more ores on less time. Personally I just blow up
the top layer for aesthetics, I hate looking at dirt. 

Sauved McGee says:

u r swag

IMaWondERFULPerSON says:

No, that hole in the ground he has is called a quarry(also the pic he
showed is an actual quarry). Strip mining is different from branch mining
though, which is were he’s right. Strip mining is mining off the top layers
of the mountain, usually 5 to 10 layers. It’s for getting massive amounts
of dirt, stone, coal, and iron. Also, can be done just to get a flat area.
I’m not saying this guy is stupid or anything, it’s just that a quarry and
strip mining are two different, specific techniques.

Aryawesome Rock says:

great video bro!

Alexander Z says:

LOL! That’s not a strip mine. That’s a quarry. A strip mine is basically
like branch mining except without the branches.

King J says:

For everybody who says the first on is not a stripmine your wrong, first
search wikipedia before comenting bs on his video

Insanegamepla'in says:

That’s true thanks for the clear up! This video deserves 10000000000000000
views xD thanks for the iideo

illuvatar27 says:

first and only true stripmine on youtube, thank you.

ClutchVersi0n says:

The first one was a quarry

strichnein1 says:

Thankyou for making this video. It annoys me to no end when people mix the
two up

WildWolf The Minecrafter says:

i came here to see what was the best way to find diamond….

Katie Elise says:

I thoght the one you call stripmine a pit mine and branch is branch or
strip to me but thats my opinion

Granite is a Rock Productions says:

Learn something new each day, thanx dood! 😛

DozaCraft says:

No problem 🙂 thanks for watching!

thesuperbowser2 says:

you are dark not black right? and we are talking about your minecraft skin
i think i’m not 100% sure but that’s what i think

EpicShot says:

Nice video man

DozaCraft says:

Thank you very much 🙂

DozaCraft says:

If you’re going to try to be racist and funny at the same time at least be
more clever, and no I’m not black

Wasabi says:

Are you black cause you love chicken grease

DozaCraft says:

You are very welcome, thank you for watching 🙂

DozaCraft says:

Nope, white as can be

Peter Goldfish says:

Dude best outro ever!!!!

DozaCraft says:

Thank you 😛

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