C4D Minecraft Tutorials – Animating Cycles (Part 16)

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Skip to here 9:42 if you want to see how I animate. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to animate any type of cycle and how I normally animate walks and stuff. I go into detail in this tutorial so please feel free to skip to 9:42 if you wanna see how I animate.


If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment down below!

Stuff from tutorials: https://mega.nz/#F!eQUBBB6Q!_D-uXDrRQovxHq7ypW4cJw
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Animation Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/motionmiracles
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Sirius2626 says:

Ok how can i use autowalk? And how can i change my skin

GashRod says:

Rig free thanks.

Moonlightz says:

i bought your rig but i cant find it in any folder

Vinn Bonn says:

TY for the tutorial! 😀 really helps me out tho! 😀

AppleStone says:

gracias amigo por estos tutoruales xD vv:::
in english creo xD
thank friends for your tutoriales :v

Quiffy says:

Anish how do i make things fast i cinema 4s ex i wanna make him run fast, and also when u made this tutorial what did u put on the fps? Like does it matter if i put it to 30 or 60 it is still going to be the same speed

Clex says:

I freaking hate animating it's so freaking hard I've been trying for hours just to do the first 3minutes

Clex says:

Make a tutorial on how to walk then change directions

RandomYTGuy says:

how about automatic walk?

ZE_Q [C4D] says:

I love ur tutorials! u make animations so good!


pretty besides the point but I really like the music that you use for your videos.

Gamer_TV says:

Can you explain how to change the feet from that one mode to the others(don't knwo the name). Because I haven't find options in your rig.

Andri Firdaus says:


can you make a tutorial basic rigging and xpresso 🙂

Nathan Miguel says:

In rendering has as render by gpu

Twiix says:

واصل = keep going
in Arabic :$ ♥
: Wasl

SrLokiToo says:

Please add subtitle Español

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