C4D Minecraft Tutorials – Lighting and Rendering (Part 13)

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In this tutorial, I will be showing you the basics of how to light and render your scene. It will go through modeling the sun, creating a sky, adding global illumination, creating depth of field and etc. Hope you enjoy.


If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment down below!

Stuff from tutorials: https://mega.nz/#F!eQUBBB6Q!_D-uXDrRQovxHq7ypW4cJw
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Doxsy says:

how do you edit the suns properties when i try and change the intensity of the sun or the color of the sun it just goes back to what it was before and doesnt change plz help.

MichaelTheAnimator says:

Thank you so much!!!!!! this really helped you go a like!

Red Buddy says:

Awesome tutorial!

Sett Animations dude! says:

Why my sun is too bright?

JacobVivid says:

2:40 Oh you like it nice and big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Animating Buddies says:

Can you do one on lighting at night time?

DavidDesign says:

Map c4d plz

rare vfx : motion design says:

thanks so much

MCMineTube says:

Those tutorials are really helpful 😀
I think this series will be a huge success

Dawood Ahmad says:

That moment at the end where the video finishes.

It makes the character look like he's pooping really hard


Zer0 says:

Hey Anish, so the next one is on turning those render jpegs into an animation video right?

Comby VideoTime says:

Thank you so much

Ender Minecraft says:

hi can you make tutorial Lighting and rendering like blue monkey..?

Nathan Miguel says:

The guy is addicted to

Hit Games says:

Oi sou brasileiro e comprei sua rig mas porque não deixa as legendas para português brazil?

DeathSquiddy says:

how do you make a night time scene?

Twiix says:

you are really good ♥

Redstone Crafter says:

Do you have twitter

Gayanga Kuruppu says:

Awesome job with the tutorials Anish!


2nd comment oh guy

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