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filmado no youtube se escrevam e comentem
Welcome Back. In this ep I explore over near the desert and snow area mentioned in a previous video. I also start my enchanting room 😀
Sorry about the delay in videos. I have been working on the server to get it up to date with the update and also trying to find a good texture pack all whilst sick. Hope you enjoy this video. Subscribe for more.
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Welcome back Blue Creepers 🙂 Today, I get dat diamond sweetness! Tune in next week for my celebration!
Welcome back Blue Creepers 🙂 Today, I continue my quest for diamonds. But danger lurks in the dark…
Hope you enjoyed this video. Was a good bit of fun for me. If you have enjoyed feel free to like and subscribe.
starting an epic minequest
I give a fly around tour of the server. Server ip: poke.blockyworlds.com it’s a really fun pixelmon server.
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