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11 Lesser known tricks in Minecraft: 1. Kill pigs with fire to get instant grilled pork. 2. Dye sheep before you shear them to get free dyed wool 3. On the default texture pack you can find North using a cobblestone block. *EDIT* The SHORT part of the L points North, not the Long. 4. Never get lost exploring caves by placing torches on only one side of a cave, follow them back to find the exit. 5. Move items quickly in and out of chests by shift clicking. 6. Craft items quickly by clicking with both left and right [More]
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5 quick and simple tricks which you can apply to mobs using name tags in Minecraft. 1. “Dinnerbone” and “Grumm” for upside down mobs. 2. “jeb_” for a rainbow sheep (which changes colours). 3. “Toast” for a special memorial skin on a rabbit. 4. “Toast” on a Killer Rabbit as a trap. 5. Names on boss mobs. You need name tags in order to use those tricks. Rename them on an anvil to one of the names provided above (without the quotes) and use it on a mob. More information about name tags is available on the Minecraft Wiki – [More]
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