Christmas Secrets! | Minecraft Base Invaders Challenge

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We came up with a cool Minecraft challenge game called Base Invaders! The aim of the game is to build the best base ever to protect your skull inside. Your base can contain traps, secret entrances, puzzles, parkour, red herrings and more! This time all the bases are Christmas themed for a Festive Holiday Special! So we’re going to have to break into a snowglobe, a mountain cabin, a Snowman’s butt and Santa’s sack!




Ninni Buttons says:

i love the "SmallishBeans blew up" while LIzzie was playing xD

Stefan Land says:

Im so happy you record much more!!

nehal emad says:

The big green your not getting out machine

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angelina zink says:

Yay I can’t wait till ur vids say instead of boyfriend and girlfriend it will say fiancé I JUST AM SO HAPPY THAT HE ASKED YOU

and thx for posting more often

Azra Akkulak says:

Isn't there like 9 reindeer's? Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzem and Rudolph?

Dan and phil toxic phandom mcr twenty one disco says:

At start look at the elfs hands it's heart

Melanie da butt says:

The sign said
"Active (Chirstmas) Vision!"

Dana Harripersad says:

"9 pages of hos"

Lps play World says:

yay u r posting more often u r awesome love ❤️ ya

Aoife Corrigan says:


May Bautista says:

The ending tho!!LOL

the_miner_67890 says:

Yes I'm getting presents cause I liked.

LADYminecraft says:

😀 and the video ends it was my photo 😮

Lara BELL says:

Santa has 8 reindeer NOT including Rudolph

nat 36005 says:

Yass Xmas base invaders

Rhandy Artana says:

U almost win

KoolKathleens Awesome says:

Its 8 reindeer with no Rudolph

Katherine Hinchcliffe says:

lizzie, there are 8 reindeer not including Rudolph. When you count him, it is 9.

Andre van Zanten says:

i left a like bc i want presszentz ;^;

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